Kingsdown Mattress Review (2024)

Grace Struth

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Kingsdown Silent Partner Fairhaven

Made in United States
Queen $2,899
Our Rating

Informed by third-party engineer testing commissioned by
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4.1 /10

High-Priced Hybrid with No Refunds

Kingsdown Silent Partner Fairhaven is a hybrid mattress with a medium-firm feel. It’s only available through Sleep Country Canada for $2,899 for a queen size. This mattress uses cooling features like moisture-wicking fibres and cooling gel foam to keep you comfortable. However, it does still contain memory foam, which is known for heat trapping.

Kingsdown Silent Partner Fairhaven comes with a 100-night sleep trial and an exchange-only policy. Sleep Country offers a 10-year warranty, but Kingsdown’s manufacturer warranty coverage isn’t clear.


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Logan & Cove Choice

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9.5 /10

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Queen $999
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Price (Queen) $999 $2,899
Overall Rating 9.5 4.1
Trial Nights 365 100
Warranty Years 15 10
Made in Canada
Allows Returns
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Kingsdown Mattress Sizes & Prices




74″ x 39″ x 15″


Twin XL


80″ x 39″ x 15″


Full / Double


74″ x 54″ x 15″




80″ x 60″ x 15″




80″ x 78″ x 15″


Want to spend less than $1,000 for a queen-size hybrid mattress? Check out Logan & Cove.

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Delivery, Sleep Trial & Returns

Kingsdown Silent Partner Fairhaven is available from Sleep Country Canada. Sleep Country offers free shipping for orders over $75 to most Canadian locations within 3–5 business days. If you live in the Canadian Territories or Newfoundland and Labrador, delivery will take 7–10 days and costs $120.

Once you receive your mattress, you have 100 nights to decide whether you want to keep it. However, Sleep Country doesn’t accept mattress returns. You can only exchange your mattress for in-store credit, and you’ll need to pay a $65 exchange fee to cover the costs of switching mattresses.

Even if you trade the mattress for a less expensive model, you still won’t get a refund. You’ll have to spend the remaining balance on furniture, accessories, or other Sleep Country products. Sleep Country also doesn’t offer home pickups for returns. This means you need to bring the mattress back to the store yourself.

In Canada, the Kingsdown mattress warranty only covers normal wear and tear. It doesn’t cover any damage caused by transportation or delivery. It also doesn’t cover any size variations, but the warranty states you can expect up to 3/4″ of sizing differences—meaning your sheets may not fit.

Kingsdown’s manufacturer warranty varies based on the mattress tag, which can be hard to interpret. You’ll need to check which warranty code is on your mattress, then look it up in the warranty document. However, when we spoke with a Sleep Country customer representative, they said the store provides a 10-year product warranty for Fairhaven.




Shipping Cost

Free shipping on orders over $75

Shipping Time

3–5 business days

Sleep Trial Nights


Warranty Years


Return Ease

Exchange only with $65 fee; no pickup


Get Logan & Cove Choice and enjoy a 365-night trial with a 15-year warranty.

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side view showing internal layers of the Kingsdown Silent Partner Fairhaven mattress


Kingsdown Mattress Construction

HeightLayersCertiPUR-US® CertifiedMachine Washable Cover





Sleep Country states that Kingsdown Silent Partner Fairhaven mattress is 15″ tall. However, the version we received measures 14″ and contains 6 layers of foam and metal coils. The coil layers vary in height around the outside of the mattress, likely in an effort to improve edge support. The layers are surrounded by a 3″ sidewall of high-density foam.

  • Layer 1: The first layer is 0.75″ of cooling gel foam. Combined with the next foam layer, this provides only 1.25″ of cooling foam. The cooling effect may not be enough to dissipate the heat from the memory foam beneath.
  • Layer 2: The second layer is 0.5″ of the same (or very similar) cooling gel foam as the top layer.
  • Layer 3: This layer is 2″ of BluTek gel visco memory foam. Sleep Country claims this layer helps relieve pressure points.
  • Layer 4: The transition layer is an additional 1″ of BlueTek gel visco memory foam.
  • Layer 5: The top layer of more flexible coils is designed to be responsive to your body’s changing movements. Coils measure 3.25″ tall in the outer two rows along the edge of the mattress, and are 5.25″ in the inner section.
  • Layer 6: The bottom coil layer uses stiffer, less flexible coils to support the mattress’s overall structure. These coils measure 6.25″ in the outer rows and 4.25″ in the inner section.

Fairhaven’s mattress cover comes with moisture-wicking silk fibres as one of its cooling features. However, when combined with the limited depth of cooling gel layers, this may not be enough to provide the cooling you need. Memory foam sleeps hot, so you may want more advanced cooling features for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Choose Logan & Cove for a hybrid mattress with advanced cooling features.

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Mattress Performance Results

6.4 /10


In third-party engineer testing (commissioned by us), Kingsdown Silent Partner Fairhaven scored 6.4/10 for firmness. This places the mattress in the medium-firm category, which is suitable for all sleep styles. However, the top layer has a plush feel, thanks to Kingsdown’s quilted top. You may find this mattress feels a little softer, and you might notice your body sinking into the upper layers.

7.0 /10

Edge Support

Kingsdown Silent Partner Fairhaven scored 7.0/10 on edge support. This is a pretty good score, likely due to Fairhaven’s 3″ high-density foam sidewalls and varying coil height. You shouldn’t have any trouble sitting on the edge of the bed.

(Looking for the same edge support with a lower price tag? Consider Logan & Cove Choice and its edge support score of 7.0/10 for only $999 for a queen size.)

5.3 /10

Motion Isolation

Fairhaven scores an average 5.3/10 in motion isolation. This is an average score for a hybrid mattress. You won’t be able to feel everything your partner does when they move around (or vice versa), but bigger movements will still be noticeable.

(Searching for a mattress with greater motion isolation? Consider Logan & Cove Choice and its motion isolation score of 6.4/10.)

6.1 /10


Fairhaven scored a 6.1/10 for bounce. This is above-average for a hybrid mattress. It translates to a responsive surface that makes it easier for you to shift positions or get up after lying down.

Looking for a more affordable hybrid mattress with better motion isolation? Meet Logan & Cove Choice.

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Company Background

LaunchedCompany HQOwnershipBBB RatingTrustpilot Rating


Mebane, NC, USA




Founded in 1904, Kingsdown is based in Mebane, North Carolina. Initially known as the Mebane Bedding Company, the business changed its name to Kingsdown in the 1970s. The company has operations in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

Kingsdown and its parent company, Owen & Company, was acquired by private equity group Novacap in 2017. Despite billing itself as one of the largest independent mattress manufacturers in the world, Kingsdown only sells its mattresses through third-party retailers like Sleep Country.

At the time of writing this review, Kingsdown maintains an “A+” rating with Better Business Bureau, but has a customer review score of 1.43/5. On Trustpilot, the company is rated “Average” with a 3.7/5 rating. Customers have complained about Kingsdown mattresses being too firm and sagging after a relatively short time.

Kingsdown Silent Partner Fairhaven is only available through Sleep Country, so it’s important to understand this company, too. The business has a substandard reputation among consumer trust agencies, such as a “Poor” rating on Trustpilot. Sleep Country’s BBB page originally had a “D” rating when this review was published. It’s since changed to “NR,” or “no rating.” Common complaints from customers include product issues and difficulty with warranty claims.

Logan & Cove’s parent company is rated “A+” on BBB and “Excellent” on Trustpilot.

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Should You Buy Kingsdown?

Kingsdown Silent Partner Fairhaven is a reasonably good mattress, but its price point is higher than many Canadians can afford. We find more value in Logan & Cove Choice.

For a lower price, Logan & Cove Choice gives you equal edge support, improved motion isolation, a 15-year warranty, and a 365-night sleep trial with full refund.

Logan & Cove Choice is priced at just $999 for a queen size. It offers a cozy sleep and luxury details at an affordable price, along with a free sheet set, pillow(s), mattress protector, and pillow protector(s) with every mattress purchase.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Kingsdown mattress cover machine washable?

The Kingsdown Silent Partner Fairhaven mattress is spot-clean only. This is a Euro-top mattress, which means the cover doesn’t come off and isn’t machine washable.

What does the Kingsdown warranty cover?

Depending on the mattress you buy and the warranty code tag it has, you could get anywhere from 1 year to 20 years of manufacturer coverage, with 1–10 years of no-charge repair or replacement. Some codes include charges for repair or replacement after the no-charge period ends.

Sleep Country also offers a 10-year warranty. You can extend this warranty coverage for an added fee.

Where are Kingsdown mattresses made?

Kingsdown has a manufacturing facility in North Carolina, USA. The company also has operations across Canada, the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Does the Kingsdown Silent Partner Fairhaven mattress need a bedframe?

According to the company’s warranty information, a proper bed frame must be used with all Kingsdown mattresses. King and queen sets must have a rigid centre support with at least 5 legs or 5 hardwood cross slats.

What Kingsdown Fairhaven mattress alternatives should I consider?

Logan & Cove Choice is a top-rated medium-firm luxury hybrid mattress that offers many of the same features as Kingsdown Silent Partner Fairhaven. Logan & Cove Choice also offers equal edge support, greater motion isolation, and a clear 15-year warranty. At $999 for a queen size, Logan & Cove Choice offers you far more value—and peace of mind—for a lower price.


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Logan & Cove Choice

9.5 /10

Made in


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