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Meet Nectar.

Nectar Sleep, a subsidiary of Resident Home LLC. This notable player in the bed-in-a-box industry in the United States, has been labelled a “repeat offender” by the Federal Trade Commission and has been fined on multiple occasions for false advertising.

Nectar has expanded its business to Canada, despite facing legal issues with the FTC and receiving negative reviews on several third-party websites such as the Better Business Bureau, Reddit, and Trustpilot. Nectar sells its mattresses through the company’s Canadian website and at physical stores like The Brick and Leon’s.

There are benefits and drawbacks to purchasing a mattress from Nectar. Our Nectar mattress review will help you decide whether or not to buy your next mattress from this company.


  • 365-night sleep trial
  • CertiPur-US® certified foams
  • Cooling gel foam
  • Free shipping and returns
  • In-store mattress testing
  • Convenient online purchasing and boxed delivery
  • Discounted sleep accessories with mattress purchase


  • #1 on Reddit’s r/mattress forum of mattress brands to avoid
  • Tested below average for edge support (in third-party engineer testing commissioned by us)
  • No machine-washable cover
  • “Bad” Trustpilot rating
  • Hundreds of complaints on BBB
  • Limited size availability in Canada
  • Only one medium-soft firmness option available
  • Unclear claims about materials, warranty, and manufacturing location


Popular Nectar Mattresses

We’ve commissioned third-party engineers to test the Nectar mattresses below and help you better understand their performance.

Whether or not you should buy a Nectar mattress depends on your comfort preferences and risk tolerance. Nectar has a history of false advertising claims about their country of origin, as well as numerous customer complaints about quality, delivery, and customer service.

Consider alternative mattresses with more positive reviews and a better customer service track record, like Douglas or Logan & Cove.

Distant photo of the Nectar Mattress on a bedframe in a bedroom taken from a front angle.

Nectar Original

The original Nectar is a medium-soft, all-foam mattress with a breathable cover, as well as gel foam that sleeps cooler than traditional memory foam.

However, this mattress underperforms when it comes to motion isolation and edge support, according to third-party testing data that we commissioned. Despite attractive discounts and bundles, Nectar Original isn’t one of our top foam mattresses.

Looking for a cooling foam mattress with superior motion isolation? Consider Douglas Original.

Distant photo of the Nectar Premier Mattress on a bedframe in a bedroom taken from a front angle.

Nectar Premier

Marketed for its pressure relief properties, Nectar Premier aims to provide balanced support and comfort with three foam layers.

Nectar Premier tested poorly for edge support in our commissioned third-party engineer testing. This mattress is meant to be an upgrade from Nectar Original, but it only has one extra inch of foam and few other notable features.

Want a medium-firm mattress with plenty of pressure relief and better edge support? Consider Douglas Alpine.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the Nectar mattress company?

Resident Home LLC is a furniture and mattress company that operates multiple brands, including Nectar Sleep and DreamCloud. This company is well recognized, which may be due in part to repeated mentions in the news.

In July 2023, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced a “final ruling” against Resident Home and DreamCloud for continued violations of the “Made in USA” act. As part of the ruling, Resident Home and its affiliated companies—including Nectar—are prohibited “from making several claims that deceive consumers and harm law-abiding businesses.”

Where is the Nectar mattress made?

Nectar’s website presents conflicting information about where its mattresses are made. One part of the site FAQ says current models are manufactured in Mexico. However, in another section, the company lists countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, China, and the USA as potential sources.

In 2018, Nectar Sleep reached an agreement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) following allegations of false advertising. The FTC claimed that the company had inaccurately marketed its products as designed and assembled in the USA. In reality, the mattresses were entirely imported from China, with no assembly occurring within the United States.

Are Nectar mattresses good?

Since comfort can be subjective, reading customer reviews and checking with consumer trust agencies is usually a good way to gauge if a product is right for you. Take a look at Nectar’s track record with reviews.

On Reddit’s r/mattress forum, Nectar is #1 on the list of top 10 mattresses to avoid. On Trustpilot, 85% of customers gave Nectar just 1/5 stars.

The company is rated “A+” on BBB but has just 2.83/5 stars. Nectar has received hundreds of customer complaints about discrepancies in advertised prices, delivery delays, substandard mattress quality, challenges with warranty claims, and instances of the company not adhering to its return policy.

How do I return a Nectar mattress?

Returning a Nectar mattress starts with reaching out to their customer service team. If your return is approved, Nectar will coordinate with a local service to pick up your return. However, multiple customers on Trustpilot reported having difficulty contacting Nectar customer service and having to dispose of their mattresses themselves after they were issued a refund.

Where can I buy a Nectar mattress?

Nectar mattresses are sold primarily online. They’re available from dozens of retailers throughout the United States, as well as The Brick and Leon’s in Canada. These retailers operate independently from Nectar, so they may have different pricing, promotions, return policies, and warranties than what’s advertised on Nectar’s website.

How much is a Nectar mattress?

Nectar has three tiers of mattresses available in Canada. At the low end, a twin-size Nectar mattress costs $499 CAD, with the king-size Nectar Premier Copper mattress selling for $1,599 CAD. Nectar’s most popular mattress, the Nectar Premier, is priced at $1,299 CAD for a queen size.

What Nectar mattress sizes are available?

Nectar Canada has a limited selection of mattresses compared with its United States equivalent. They offer their mattresses in twin, twin XL, full/double, queen, and king sizes, but don’t have RV, California king, or split king sizes available.

How long does a Nectar mattress take to expand?

It can take up to 72 hours for a Nectar mattress to take its full shape once unpacked. During this waiting period, the mattress’s memory foam layers will gradually expand, air out, and adapt to their ideal positions. It’s normal for some off-gassing with a slight odour to occur during this time.

How long does a Nectar mattress last?

Nectar mattresses are said to last for more than 10 years when properly cared for. Rotating your mattress regularly and using a suitable mattress foundation can help extend the lifespan of a Nectar mattress. However, it’s important to note that some customers have reported issues with premature sagging within just a few months of use.

How long is the Nectar mattress warranty?

Nectar Sleep offers an enticing “Forever Warranty” on their mattresses, but it’s important to understand the details. A Forever Warranty is an excellent sales hook, but this warranty becomes prorated after the first ten years. That means your warranty coverage value decreases over time. If your Nectar mattress has any defects after the initial 10-year period, the company will cover a portion of the repair or replacement cost—and you may be responsible for the remainder.

It’s worth mentioning that some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with Nectar’s warranty service. Complaints filed on platforms like Trustpilot suggest issues with the mattress sagging within a few months to a couple of years, and difficulties getting warranty claims honoured.


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