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Meet Emma.

Founded in 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany, Emma has gone from a local European mattress manufacturer to a global sleep and bedding provider operating in 22 countries. However, this growth has come with reports of poor customer service and government investigations into the company’s pricing tactics.

Not sure whether an Emma mattress is right for you? Our detailed Emma mattress reviews provide all the information you need to make an informed decision and pick the best mattress for your sleep needs.


  • Available in 22 countries
  • 365-night sleep trial
  • Free shipping, returns & pickups
  • All-foam and hybrid mattresses available
  • Some cooling features


  • Mattresses aren’t made in Canada (and Emma isn’t transparent about it)
  • Company has been investigated for misleading sales practices
  • Only a 10-year warranty
  • Rated “Average” on Trustpilot with many reports of poor customer service
  • Unaccredited on BBB with only negative reviews, and no replies from the company


Popular Emma Mattresses

Emma Canada currently offers three mattresses: Emma Original, Emma Hybrid Comfort, and Emma Hybrid Premium. Each mattress contains Emma’s proprietary Airgocell foam, an open-cell foam layer meant to regulate temperatures throughout the night. Emma mattresses also use HRX support foam of unknown density, despite claims that it’s high-density foam. It’s also not clear what HRX foam is or what it stands for.

Each Emma mattress comes with a 365-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty. While the sleep trial is among the highest we’ve seen, the 10-year warranty is only industry standard. Competitor brands like Douglas and Logan & Cove both match Emma’s 365-night sleep trial but offer 20-year and 15-year warranties, respectively.

While Emma is a well-known brand in Europe, you may be better off with a Canadian mattress that provides more value at a lower price, like Douglas Original or Logan & Cove Choice.

Distant photo of the Emma Original Mattress on a bedframe in a bedroom taken from a front angle.

Emma Original

Emma Original is a 3-layer all-foam mattress priced at $924 for a queen size. Although Emma’s website says the mattress is made in the US, the law label on the mattress we purchased says it was made in Mexico.

Emma Original has a medium level of firmness and excellent motion isolation. Online reviews for Emma, however, mention issues with customer service and product quality.

Looking for a more affordable mattress with over 13,000 5-star reviews? Meet Douglas.

distant view of the Emma Hybrid Comfort mattress on a bed frame in a bedroom

Emma Hybrid

Emma Hybrid Comfort is a hybrid mattress available for $1,487 for a queen size. It has open-cell foam for cooling, zoned support for pressure-point relief, and a machine-washable cover.

Despite claiming “zero motion transfer,” this mattress only scored 6.7/10 for motion isolation in third-party engineer testing (commissioned by us). This same testing showed that the mattress falls into the “firm” category, not the medium-firm feel that Emma advertises.

Want a more affordable hybrid with a longer warranty? Consider Logan & Cove Choice.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Emma mattresses good?

Emma mattresses are well-recognized and positively reviewed in the UK. However, with Emma’s expansion into Canada, some customers have noticed a difference in product quality between Emma’s European and North American mattresses.

This could be because Emma has outsourced some of its production overseas for international purchasers, meaning you may not get the same mattress described in European reviews. The mattresses we reviewed were made in Mexico.

Although Emma mattresses offer some useful features, the company doesn’t provide details about its technology. For example, Emma doesn’t explain what Airgocell technology is. We determined that it’s a type of open-cell foam, but not all customers will understand that right away.

In addition, reviews on Trustpilot and BBB complain of poor customer service and disapproval of Emma’s ongoing sales.

You’ll find more transparency around useful features in a mattress like Douglas or Logan & Cove. Both mattresses contain more advanced cooling features and retail for less than Emma’s mattresses. Douglas and Logan & Cove match Emma’s 365-night sleep trial, but have 20- and 15-year warranties that beat out Emma’s 10-year warranty. Every Douglas and Logan & Cove mattress also comes with a free bedding bundle for added value.

Where are Emma mattresses made?

Emma has claimed their mattresses are made in the UK and US. However, the law labels on the mattresses we purchased say they were made in Mexico. Emma’s Canadian website doesn’t specifically say where their mattresses are manufactured, while their European site says Emma’s mattresses are proudly made in Germany and Ireland.

In a recent conversation with an Emma Canada chat agent, they had updated their standardized answer. The company now states that they manufacture most of their mattresses in North America.

Who makes Emma mattresses?

Emma mattresses are made by Bettzeit GmbH, Emma’s holding company. Founded in 2013, the company’s name is German for “bedtime.”

While Emma is based in Frankfurt, Germany, its mattresses aren’t always manufactured there. Emma UK mattresses are produced in the UK, and Emma Canada mattresses are made in North America. Although Emma doesn’t specifically say where in North America these mattresses are made, the mattresses we purchased were made in Mexico.

Are Emma mattresses always on sale?

It certainly seems that way, yes. In June 2023, the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) determined that Emma was breaching consumer protection laws by using urgent pricing tactics and misleading retail prices. This means sales prices weren’t actually saving customers money.

The CMA called on Emma to change these sales and pricing tactics to avoid the risk of court action. It’s unclear whether or not Emma has ceased these practices.

How long does the Emma mattress take to inflate?

The Emma mattress expands in 30 minutes to an hour, according to the Emma Canada website. They recommend waiting for the mattress to fully expand before using it, but say you can sleep on it right away.

Does the Emma mattress have fiberglass?

It’s not clear whether Emma mattresses contain fiberglass. To meet fire safety standards, Emma uses an interior lining made of 60% modacrylic and 40% silica. Fiberglass is often made from silica-based glass. While it’s possible that the silica in Emma’s mattresses could be free of fiberglass, it’s always best to check the law label on your mattress before removing the cover.

How do I return an Emma mattress?

You can initiate a return on your Emma mattress by getting in touch with their customer service team. Mattress return pick-ups can take up to a week, and processing the return will take an additional 5–10 business days after pickup.

What does the Emma mattress warranty include?

The 10-year Emma mattress warranty covers repair or replacement in case of manufacturer defects.

What is a good Emma mattress alternative?

For an Emma mattress alternative from a Canadian manufacturer, we suggest Douglas or Logan & Cove.

Douglas Original is a good alternative to Emma Original. Our pick for Canada’s best mattress, this medium-firm all-foam mattress is ideal for all sleep styles. Douglas earned top scores for its use of high-quality and eco-conscious materials, overall comfort, and excellent value at just $799 for a queen size, compared to $924 for Emma Original. Douglas also comes with a 365-night sleep trial, 20-year warranty, and free bedding bundle with your purchase.

If you’re searching for an Emma Hybrid Comfort alternative, consider Logan & Cove Choice, our pick for the best hybrid mattress in Canada. This medium-firm hybrid is ideal for all sleep styles and comes with industry-leading comfort, luxury details, and advanced cooling features. Priced at just $999 for a queen size, Logan & Cove Choice comes with a risk-free 365-night sleep trial, a 15-year warranty, and a free bedding bundle.


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