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Meet Serta.

Serta is a well-known brand that’s owned and operated by Serta Simmons Bedding LLC. Serta sells through retailers like Sleep Country and The Brick, as well as individual suppliers and retailers. Despite its high profile and popularity, Serta Simmons Bedding filed for and completed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2023.

When it comes to buying a Serta mattress, there are many factors to consider. Our detailed Serta review will highlight the pros and cons of this popular brand to help you understand if its sleep solutions are right for you.


  • Well-known brand
  • Foam, hybrid, and innerspring mattress options
  • Uses CertiPUR-US® certified foams
  • Assembles mattresses in Canada
  • Free shipping over $75 when purchased through Sleep Country


  • Shipping times and fees are subject to third-party retailers
  • No refunds if purchased through Sleep Country—only exchanges for store credit with a $65 return fee
  • Warranty is hard to pinpoint and depends on law tag codes, with some as short as 1 year
  • Only available to test in showrooms
  • Rated “Poor” on Trustpilot and “F” (unaccredited) on BBB, with most reviews being 1 star


Popular Serta Mattresses

You may know Serta for its Counting Sheep commercials, which were popular in the 2000s. While the sheep were a huge hit nationwide, the company’s mattresses may not be as well-received. Some customers have reported issues with poor customer service and products failing quickly.

In Canada, Serta mattresses can only be purchased through third-party retailers such as Sleep Country, The Brick, and Leon’s. That means you’re subject to each retailer’s shipping and delivery fees, short or limited store warranties, no-return policies, and restrictive sleep trials. (Online mattress brands like Octave offer free returns, as well as a 365-night sleep trial and 15-year warranty.)

Serta is an experienced and well-known brand, but most of its mattresses retail above $1,000 for a queen size. Individual mattress models vary by retailer, and are launched and discontinued regularly. This makes it difficult to find Serta mattress reviews for current models. Paired with their negative online reviews, you could find a Serta purchase to be both risky and expensive.

Other brands selling similar mattresses offer more value at a lower price. For example, Octave offers advanced cooling features and zoned support, and retails at just $899 for a queen size.

Distant photo of the Serta Perfect Sleeper Elite Percevall Mattress on a bedframe in a bedroom taken from a front angle.

Serta Perfect Sleeper Elite Percevall (Discontinued)

Serta Perfect Sleeper Elite Percevall was a firm hybrid mattress available at Sleep Country for $1,389 for a queen size. It was discontinued in 2024 but may still be available through mattress resellers.

Percevall had 4 layers, individually wrapped pocket coils, and zoned support. This mattress also performed very well for edge support. However, it lacked the advanced cooling features that we would expect to see for the price point.

Want a more affordable cooling mattress with zoned support? Meet Octave.

Distant photo of the Serta iComfort TempActiv I Mattress on a bedframe in a bedroom taken from a front angle.

Serta iComfort TempActiv II (Discontinued)

Serta iComfort TempActiv II was a foam mattress available at Sleep Country for $3,999 for a queen size. This is an extremely high price for any mattress, especially when you factor in its limited cooling features and poor performance in third-party engineer testing (commissioned by us).

Some customers reported their mattress started to deteriorate after only a few years. There were also complaints of difficulty dealing with Serta’s warranty policies.

Looking for a cooling memory foam mattress at a much lower price point? Consider Octave.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Serta mattresses good?

Serta has over 90 years of experience selling mattresses and has introduced some innovative designs to the market. That said, despite its longstanding reputation, Serta is rated “Poor” on Trustpilot and “F” (unaccredited) on Better Business Bureau. At the time this article was published, there was a BBB alert for the Serta Simmons company due to “a pattern of complaint alleging Product Issues and Guarantee or Warranty Issues.”

Choosing a mattress with positive online reviews can be a good way to ensure you’re buying a quality product. Consider Octave. The company is rated “Excellent” on Trustpilot, is rated “A+” on BBB, and has over 5,000 five-star customer reviews. Every Octave mattress also comes with a 365-night sleep trial and a 15-year warranty to ensure a risk-free purchase.

How much is a Serta mattress?

Serta has a variety of different mattress lines, each with its own price range. Depending on the mattress model and size, prices range from as low as a few hundred dollars to as high as $4,999. Prices may also vary depending on the retailer.

How long do Serta mattresses last?

The Serta website suggests replacing your mattress every 7–10 years, depending on the amount of wear and tear. Serta also recommends rotating your mattress periodically to promote even wear, which will help your mattress last longer.

However, you can use the mattress’s warranty length as a guideline for a mattress’s lifespan. Serta’s warranty length varies depending on the mattress. You need to check the mattress’s law label to find the warranty code, then find that code in Serta’s warranty guide to see the warranty length. All of the Serta mattresses we’ve reviewed so far have 10-year warranties.

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Are Sealy and Serta the same company?

No. Serta is owned by Serta Simmons Bedding LLC. The parent company owns other mattress brands like Beautyrest, Simmons, and Tuft & Needle.

Sealy was founded in 1880 and merged with Tempur-Pedic in 2012 to become Tempur Sealy International, Inc. Tempur-Sealy owns the Sealy, Tempur-Pedic, and Stearns & Foster brands.

What does the Serta warranty cover?

Serta offers a limited manufacturer’s warranty, which covers manufacturing defects only. The warranty won’t cover firmness preference, body impressions smaller than the amount indicated on your mattress’s law label, bent corners or wires, or mattresses purchased second-hand.

Warranty coverage varies depending on the mattress model you have. Check your mattress’s law label for a warranty code, then compare it with Serta’s warranty guide for more information about your coverage.

Where are Serta mattresses made?

Serta produces its mattresses in Canada and the United States.

Do Serta mattresses have fiberglass?

The Canadian Serta site makes no mention of fiberglass. It also hasn’t been listed on the law labels of any of the Serta mattresses we’ve reviewed.

However, Serta’s US website states that their mattresses use “a proprietary blend of natural and synthetic fibers” to comply with US Consumer Product Safety standards. These fire-barrier fibers are often para-aramid, which is similar to but not the same as fiberglass. As with any mattress, always read your mattress tag before attempting to remove your mattress cover.

What is a good Serta mattress alternative?

We recommend Octave Vista. It comes with advanced cooling features like a CryoFusion™ cooling nanofibre cover, copper-infused memory foam treated with PolarMAX® phase-change material, and multi-zone support foam with breathable air channels. Octave Vista comes with a 365-night sleep trial, 15-year warranty, and free bedding bundle—all for just $899 for a queen size.


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