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Meet Bloom.

Bloom is a bed-in-a-box brand owned by Sleep Country Canada. This mattress brand carries a range of foam mattress models that are available for purchase online and in-store. In contrast to other bed-in-a-box options, Bloom models are made overseas.

There are benefits and drawbacks to buying a Bloom mattress. Our Bloom mattress review will help you decide whether or not to buy your next mattress from this company.


  • Foam mattresses are suitable for most sleep styles
  • Owned by a well-known sleep company
  • Free shipping for orders over $75
  • Available to try in-store and through sleep trial
  • Convenient online purchasing and boxed delivery


  • California King and RV sizes unavailable
  • Not made primarily in Canada (and countries of origin, like Spain and China, not publicly disclosed)
  • Customer complaints about product quality, customer service, and returns
  • No refunds for mattress returns during the sleep trial (in-store credit only with an exchange fee)
  • 10-year warranty (5 years for Bloom River)
  • Sleep Country has a “Poor” rating on Trustpilot and is rated “A+” (unaccredited) on BBB


Popular Bloom Mattresses

These mattresses are available through Sleep Country. However, there are upsides and downsides to each product that you should know about.

Bloom offers a line of budget-friendly products, but they don’t have enough customer reviews to say whether buyers like their Bloom mattresses. Bloom offers industry-standard 100-night sleep trials and 10-year warranties for most products. This doesn’t give you much time to decide if you like the mattress.

If you return your Bloom mattress, you’ll need to pay a $65 exchange fee before getting in-store credit—no full refunds here. This means you either exchange your mattress for its return value in sleep accessories, or trade in your Bloom for a more expensive mattress. Both options come with an added cost to you.

Read our Bloom mattress reviews to learn more. Or, if you want a Canadian mattress, consider buying Juno instead. Juno offers a 120-night sleep trial, 15-year warranty, and free return pickup with full refund. A mattress purchase also gets you a free bedding bundle with pillow(s) so you can avoid the added hassle—and costs—of finding matching sleep accessories.

Distant photo of the Bloom Earth mattress on a bedframe in a bedroom taken from a front angle.

Bloom Earth

Bloom Earth is a foam mattress with a medium level of firmness. It provides good edge support and motion isolation with below-average bounce, which is still responsive for a foam mattress.

However, we discovered during testing that Bloom Earth contains a fire sock with breakable material. This means the mattress cover may not be safe to remove for machine washing—even though Sleep Country says it is.

Need a cooling foam mattress with a 120-night sleep trial and free returns for a full refund? Shop Juno now.

Distant photo of the Bloom River Mattress on a bedframe in a bedroom taken from a front angle.

Bloom River

Bloom River is a firm all-foam mattress with a good level of edge support and motion isolation. Some of the foam contains a bamboo charcoal infusion, which Bloom claims will help prevent odour build-up and keep the mattress smelling fresh.

There are no refunds if you return this mattress during the 100-night sleep trial—only in-store credits with an exchange fee. This mattress also has warranty coverage for just 5 years, which is well below industry average.

Shopping for an affordable foam mattress with a 120-night sleep trial and 15-year warranty? Shop Juno now.

Distant photo of the Bloom Cloud Mattress on a bedframe in a bedroom taken from a front angle.

Bloom Cloud

Bloom Cloud is a memory foam gel mattress featuring a copper-infused cover and zoned support. It has good motion isolation, average edge support, and a low level of bounce.

Priced at $879–$1,379, Bloom Cloud is the highest-priced mattress in the Bloom lineup. This mattress can’t be returned, only exchanged within the 100-day exchange period for in-store credit. It’s also covered by a warranty of just 10 years.

Looking for a foam mattress with similar features, a longer sleep trial and warranty, and a lower price? Shop Douglas now.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bloom mattresses good?

Some Bloom mattress owners like their mattresses. However, MattressReviews has never awarded more than a 4.0/10 for a Bloom mattress. This brand may be affordable, but you can get a much better-quality mattress for an equally low price.

We suggest Juno instead. This made-in-Canada mattress is rated 9.0/10, features a cooling gel layer, and uses CertiPUR-US® registered foam. You also get a free bedding bundle with pillow(s) with every mattress purchase. Best of all, it’s just $499 for a queen size.

How much does a Bloom mattress cost?

The average Bloom mattress price is $399 to $1,379. Prices vary depending on what model and size you buy.

(Looking for a queen-size foam mattress for less than $500? Consider Juno instead.)

Who owns Bloom?

The Bloom brand is owned by Sleep Country, which also owns other sleep brands like Endy, Silk & Snow, and Hush. It also owns the rights to Casper‘s Canadian operations.

Where are Bloom mattresses made?

Bloom mattresses are made in Spain, China, and Canada. None of these locations are publicly disclosed—they’re only visible on the law labels of the mattresses we purchased for testing purposes.

How long does a Bloom mattress take to expand?

Bloom mattresses typically expand to their full height within a couple of hours. However, some models may take several hours to fully expand.

Is the Bloom mattress cover machine washable?

The Sleep Country website states that the Bloom mattress cover is machine washable. However, when removing the mattress cover, we came across a protective layer that resembled a fire sock. And when we cut open the sock to reach the inner foam layers, particles from the sock landed on the floor and shattered.

The presence of shattered fragments from fabric may be indicative of fibreglass, which can be harmful to the eyes and skin. We couldn’t find a label within the mattress that describes what materials are used in the fire sock. To be on the safe side, we don’t recommend removing the mattress cover.

READ MORE: Is fiberglass in a mattress dangerous?

What Bloom mattress sizes are available?

Bloom mattress sizes include standard twin, twin XL, full, queen, and king. California king and RV sizes aren’t available.

(Looking for an affordable foam mattress in California king or RV sizes? You might like Juno instead.)

How long is the Bloom mattress warranty?

Sleep Country offers only a 5-year warranty for Bloom River. Other Bloom mattresses are covered by a 10-year warranty. Always check a mattress’s warranty before you buy to see what damage is covered.


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