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Meet Hush.

Hush Blankets was founded in 2017, and gained popularity in 2019 when its weighted blankets were featured on Dragon’s Den. In August 2021, Hush Blankets launched its first mattress. Sleep Country acquired the company later that year.

As the company has grown, so have reports of poor customer service and shipping issues. In fact, the company is rated “F” (unaccredited) with the Better Business Bureau and “Bad” on Trustpilot.

Considering a Hush mattress? There are benefits and drawbacks to purchasing a mattress from Hush. Our Hush mattress reviews will help you decide whether or not to buy your next mattress from this company.


  • 100-night sleep trial
  • 10-year warranty
  • Canadian-made mattresses
  • Convenient online purchasing and boxed delivery
  • Suitable for most sleep styles
  • Available in stores and online


  • Foam options not available
  • Only one firmness option available
  • Shipping to Canadian territories is limited
  • Sleep trial and warranty length are only average
  • Limited customer reviews make it difficult to know what your purchasing experience will look like
  • Company is rated “Bad” on Trustpilot and “F” (unaccredited) on BBB


Popular Hush Mattresses

Hush’s newest mattress, the Hush Graph-Iced Mattress, is available through the Hush website. Hush Artic Luxe has been discontinued and is no longer available online, but you might find one at a third-party retailer.

Hush’s hybrid mattresses have limited cooling technologies—something to watch out for if you’re a hot sleeper. Hush only offers a 10-year limited product warranty, and with a 100-night trial, you’ll need to decide quickly if you want to keep your Hush.

Read our Hush reviews to learn more. Or, if you want a longer warranty, longer sleep trial, more cooling features, and better-rated customer service (according to Trustpilot and BBB), consider Logan & Cove Frontier instead. (Looking for a cooling mattress specifically? Try Octave Vista.)

Distant photo of the Hush Graph-Iced Mattress on a bedframe in a bedroom taken from a front angle.

The Hush Graph-Iced Mattress

The Hush Graph-Iced Mattress is a medium-firm hybrid. It’s advertised as a cooling mattress, but it lacks cooling features in critical areas like the mattress cover. The Hush Graph-Iced Mattress is also priced higher than other hybrid mattresses with more cooling features.

There’s limited customer feedback on the Hush Graph-Iced Mattress. At the time of publication, there were only 122 customer reviews published on the Hush website—all 5 stars, but with no way to read them.

Want a hybrid mattress with advanced cooling features for under $1,300? Meet Logan & Cove Frontier.

Distant photo of the Hush Artic Luxe Mattress on a bedframe in a bedroom taken from a front angle.

Hush Arctic Luxe (Discontinued)

Hush Arctic Luxe is a medium-firm hybrid mattress made with layers of foam and pocket coils. It was discontinued in early 2024 when Hush launched the Graph-Iced Mattress, but it may still be available through third-party retailers.

This mattress provides some cooling features and extra support beneath the hips and lower back. However, it has poor edge support and lacks the premium features you would expect to see in a mattress that retailed for $1,895 for a queen size.

Looking for a hybrid mattress with great edge support and premium features? Consider Logan & Cove Frontier.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Hush mattresses good?

Some Hush owners report liking their mattresses. However, if you’re looking for a mattress with more cooling features, better edge support, excellent customer service, or a sleep trial longer than 100 days, you may prefer a different mattress. We suggest Logan & Cove Frontier.

Where are Hush mattresses manufactured?

Hush manufactures its mattresses in Calgary, Alberta, and Toronto, Ontario.

Do Hush mattresses need a special bed frame?

According to the manufacturer, Hush mattresses can be used on almost any bed frame, including adjustable bases, platforms, and slatted bases. That said, the Hush Graph-Iced mattress is heavier than most hybrids, with a queen size weighing 141 lb. Check to make sure your foundation can support the weight of both your mattress and your body.

What does the Hush warranty cover?

The Hush Mattress is covered by a 10-year manufacturer warranty. This covers structural defects to the mattress that shouldn’t happen through normal wear and use. However, it doesn’t cover damage to the mattress that might occur during shipping.

How long does a Hush mattress last?

A mattress will usually last about as long as its manufacturer’s warranty. This means that Hush mattresses will last about 10 years, and most hybrid mattresses will last about 6–12 years in general. Mattresses with longer warranties are generally believed to last longer, like Logan & Cove Frontier with its 15-year warranty.

What Hush mattress alternatives should I consider?

Logan & Cove Frontier is a luxury hybrid mattress that offers more features than Hush, including a cooling nanofibre cover and a breathable micro coil layer. Frontier comes with a 365-night sleep trial, a 15-year warranty, and a free bedding bundle—all for just $1,299 for a queen size. And while Hush Arctic Luxe is no longer in production, Logan & Cove Frontier is available now.


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