What Is a Hybrid Mattress? (2024)

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A hybrid mattress combines comfort foam layers with a supportive coil base. It’s the best of both worlds, with all the pressure-relieving, contouring qualities of a foam mattress and the bouncy responsiveness of an innerspring mattress.

Hybrid mattresses are best for heavier sleepers, hot sleepers, combination sleepers, and anyone who wants the support of innersprings paired with pressure-point comfort and spinal alignment. They’re also great for couples who have different support needs or body types.

In this article, we’ll discuss hybrid mattress construction and materials, the difference between hybrid and innerspring mattresses, how much hybrid mattresses cost, how long a hybrid mattress should last, and more. Get all the information you need to decide whether a hybrid mattress is the right type of mattress for you.



Hybrid Mattress Construction

A hybrid mattress includes at least one comfort foam layer and one coil layer, all wrapped in a cozy top cover. But that’s just your basic hybrid—some mattresses combine multiple layers of foam, hybrid, and other materials for an even more luxurious sleep.

The comfort layer is the top part of the mattress, located directly underneath the mattress cover. It’s typically made of at least one type of foam. However, some mattress manufacturers use multiple thinner foam layers to create a single “comfort layer.” The purpose is to provide pressure relief and keep your spine aligned while you sleep, no matter what position you’re in.

Quality hybrid mattresses will also include a transition layer between the comfort layer and the coil layer. This provides additional pressure relief and comfort. It’s designed to be highly responsive to your movements and to the coil support layer below, making it easy to change positions throughout the night.

The support layer consists of coils of various thicknesses. Look for individually wrapped steel pocketed coils, arranged in multiple zones to support different areas of your body. There should be thicker coils beneath your hips and thinner coils beneath your shoulders and knees, as well as reinforced coils around the edge of the mattress. This combination provides ideal cushioning, spinal alignment, and targeted support.

Wrapped around these layers is a mattress cover. The cover is typically made of comfortable, breathable materials designed to promote airflow and wick away moisture for a cooler sleep. Some hybrid mattresses have a removable, machine-washable cover, but many don’t and need to be spot-cleaned in case of any messes.

Using Logan & Cove Frontier as an example, here’s what quality hybrid mattress construction should look like:

what is a hybrid mattress: diagram of a mattress containing a top cover, cooling gel foam, micro coils, premium foam, and wrapped pocketed coils

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Do I need a box spring for my hybrid mattress?

At one time, traditional wire frame box springs were designed to be paired with a traditional innerspring mattress. Many modern mattresses, including hybrid bed-in-a-box mattresses, require some sort of a supportive foundation, but it doesn’t have to be a box spring.

The mattress’s warranty should describe what type of foundation it needs—for example, a solid base or wooden slats spaced a certain width apart. You should only need a box spring if your current bed frame doesn’t meet the needs of your mattress warranty.

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Hybrid Mattress Materials

Hybrid mattresses use a wide variety of materials in their layers and top covers, including fabrics, foams, and metals.


Top Cover Materials

A hybrid mattress’s top cover materials should include a soft, breathable blend of fabrics. Hybrid mattresses will often have luxury styling, textures, and designs on their top covers, like quilting and tufting filled with hollow fibre. Some manufacturers like Logan & Cove weave in additional materials, like cooling nanofibres to help keep the mattress cool and comfortable.


Comfort Layer Materials

Quality hybrids often come with two or more comfort layers. They’re designed to work together to provide contouring and pressure-point relief while keeping the spine straight. Typical comfort layers include gel-infused memory foam, latex or latex blends, and polyfoams. Look for higher-density foam, which will last longer than lower-density foam.

If you’re a hot sleeper, keep an eye out for gel-infused foam, air channels, and other cooling technologies that will pull heat away from your body. Premium hybrids like Logan & Cove Frontier will also have a layer of micro-coils between two foam layers. This provides extra body-contouring support and more airflow to keep you cool.

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what is a hybrid mattress: diagram of airflow moving through mattress layers

Coil Layer Materials

There are several different types of coils that can be used in hybrid mattresses. These coils are usually made of steel or another durable material.

  • Bonnell coils are open and hourglass-shaped. The thinner middle point responds to minimal pressure, while thicker parts at the top and bottom respond to greater pressure. These coils are often wired together to form a continuous unit. They’re less durable and supportive than other coil types, and they’re known for lower motion isolation—meaning you’ll notice more movement from the other side of the mattress.
  • Pocket coils are individually wrapped in fabric. Each coil operates independently and only flexes under pressure, so they’re much better at contouring to your body. The result is a quiet mattress with better motion isolation. Pocket coils are more expensive to produce than other coil types, but they’re more durable and supportive.
  • Offset coils are interconnected like Bonnell coils, but they aren’t as rounded. This type of coil flexes like a hinge when it’s compressed. Offset coils are quieter than Bonnell coils, and they offer better motion isolation and support.
  • Continuous coils are rows of connected wires formed into circular shapes. This is a common coil type that’s stable and durable. However, this type of coil can be noisy and provides low motion isolation. You’ll likely notice a more disturbed sleep if you share your bed with a partner. Hybrid mattresses with continuous coils also aren’t as comfortable unless they have a thick comfort layer.
  • Micro coils are similar to pocket coils: they are individually wrapped and work independently to provide support and pressure relief. The smaller micro coils are often paired with pocket coils for extra responsiveness and body contouring. They also help improve airflow through the mattress, which keeps you cool while you sleep.

what is a hybrid mattress: illustrations showing the coil design for bonnell coils, pocket coils, offset coils, continuous coils, and micro coils

How important is coil count in a hybrid mattress?

The total number of coils in a mattress (and the height of those coils) is less important than the quality and type of coil that’s used. However, a higher or lower coil count can indicate what type of coil is used. This can help you determine a mattress’s quality. The best hybrid mattresses use individually pocketed, multi-tempered steel coils in multiple zones for targeted support, as well as contouring micro coils.

For example, Bonnell coils are larger, so mattresses with these types of coils will have a lower coil count. These are also lower-quality coil types that won’t provide good motion isolation. Pocket coils, on the other hand, are smaller and better quality. A mattress with pocket coils (like Logan & Cove Choice) will have a higher coil count and offer greater motion isolation.


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Who is a hybrid mattress best for?

A hybrid mattress is best for heavy sleepers, combination sleepers (people who sleep in a variety of positions on their side, back, and stomach), and couples with different support needs or body types. It’s also ideal if you like the support of an innerspring mattress—especially for back or shoulder pain—but want pressure-point comfort and spinal alignment without that “sinking” feeling.

Let’s take a look at how each group benefits from using a hybrid mattress.


Benefits for Couples

If you sleep beside a partner, there’s a good chance you both have different sleep styles and comfort needs. That’s why a hybrid bed is often the best choice for couples. Look for a coil layer with individually wrapped, zoned pocket coils to provide excellent motion isolation. This will keep you from waking up every time your partner shifts positions—especially if you’re a light sleeper.

Comfort is also key. You’ll need a thick comfort layer that provides pressure-point relief while keeping your spine aligned. You may also want cooling features like a layer of gel-infused foam, especially if one or both of you sleeps warm. Bonus points if you can find a hybrid mattress with a layer of micro coils for an affordable price, like Logan & Cove Frontier.

If you and your partner have different sleep needs, consider a “split king” hybrid mattress. This is actually two twin-XL mattresses, which together give you the same size as one king mattress. This option gives you and your partner a customized sleep experience while still keeping you connected at night. You can even pair your split king mattress with an adjustable bed for precision comfort.

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Benefits for Heavy Sleepers

If your body is heavier than 230 lb, you may want a hybrid mattress for combined support and pressure-point relief. In fact, hybrid mattress Logan & Cove Choice is #1 on our list of the best mattresses for heavy people.

Look for thicker comfort foam layers and cooling features to enhance your sleep experience. Keep an eye out for micro coil layers, and find a support layer with individually wrapped pocket coils. You’ll also want heavier-gauge steel coils to support your hips and back, and lighter-gauge coils for your neck, shoulders, and knees.

Ideally, your hybrid mattress should have several zones of coiled support, with each zone providing a different function. The mattress should also have coils around the perimeter for better edge support.


Benefits for Combination Sleepers

If you have several go-to sleep positions, it might just be the way you sleep—or it could mean your body has trouble finding a comfortable sleep position on your current mattress. Whatever the reason for your combination sleep style, a hybrid mattress provides exceptional comfort and support in any position, without the sink.

A lot of mattresses are geared toward a particular sleep style or comfort preference. That’s where a hybrid really wins: it provides both comfort and support, no matter how you sleep. This is especially true if you find a medium-firm mattress. A medium-firm hybrid will give you perfectly balanced comfort and support in any position, all night long.

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Benefits for Back Pain

Many back pain sufferers feel better when they sleep on a mattress that balances pressure-relieving comfort and support. According to a 2023 survey of Logan & Cove mattress owners, 88% of back pain sufferers said their Logan & Cove mattress helped with their back pain somewhat or a lot.

A hybrid mattress like Logan & Cove Choice can provide more support than a foam mattress, while still offering just as much comfort. A multi-zoned coil system in the bottom mattress layer helps support your shoulders, back, and hips while the comfort layer contours around your body.

If there’s a little extra room in your budget, you could even consider upgrading to a mattress with a layer of micro coils like Logan & Cove Frontier. This gives you extra precision support in your neck, shoulders, and knees, as well as your back.

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what is a hybrid mattress: person sleeping on a hybrid mattress, with diagram showing the coils moving beneath their body

Should you buy a hybrid mattress?

A hybrid mattress is a great fit for most people. However, as with any mattress, there are upsides and downsides of buying a hybrid. Weigh the pros and cons to determine whether a hybrid is right for you.


  • Pressure-relieving foam helps keep spine aligned
  • Coils provide support for shoulders, back, joints, and edge of bed (ideal for heavy sleepers)
  • Provides comfort without a “sinking” feeling
  • Coils promote air circulation and cooling
  • Compatible with all sleep styles
  • Ideal for couples with different body types or comfort needs
  • Can be more expensive than other mattress types
  • Can be noisier than foam or latex mattresses, depending on coil type
  • Can be heavier than other mattress types due to high-density foam and metal coils


How much does a hybrid mattress cost?

The cost of a new hybrid mattress can range from under $1,000 to well over $3,000, depending on the brand, features, benefits, structure, and other factors. Some well-known mattress brands charge more for premium features compared to lesser-known brands with the same or better quality.

Not all hybrid mattresses are created equal, so do your research and consider the factors that are most important to you before you buy. These are just a few factors that could drive up the cost of your hybrid mattress:

  • Mattress cover materials and design (e.g., quilting, pillow top, cooling nanofibres)
  • Use of high-density memory foam, which lasts longer and is more expensive to produce
  • Layers of gel-infused memory foam or latex
  • Added layers of individually wrapped pocket coils or micro coils
  • At-home sleep trial and warranty length
  • Buying a mattress in-store

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That said, some mattress-in-a-box hybrids like Logan & Cove offer these features at an affordable price point. You can purchase a queen-size Logan & Cove Choice for just $999, or the upgraded Logan & Cove Frontier for $1,299 for a queen.



What’s the difference between a hybrid and an innerspring mattress?

An innerspring mattress usually has 2″ or less of material covering the coil support layer, while hybrid mattresses have more than 2″ of material over the coils.

A hybrid mattress contains more comfort materials that conform to your body and keep your spine aligned, like foam, polyfoam, and gel-infused memory foam. The mattress may include other features like micro coils, which aren’t often found in a conventional innerspring mattress. You can also use most hybrids on an adjustable base.

Like hybrids, innerspring mattresses also have a comfort layer over the coils, but they often use lower-density foams that don’t last as long. You may not find an innerspring mattress as comfortable for long-term sleeping, and it won’t be compatible with an adjustable bed. Innerspring mattresses are also much bouncier and more responsive to movement than hybrids.

what is a hybrid mattress: diagram of a mattress containing a top cover, cooling gel foam, premium foam, and wrapped pocketed coils

How long does a hybrid mattress last?

Hybrid mattresses last 7–10 years on average. However, as with any mattress, there are numerous factors which can affect lifespan. This could include user weight, environmental conditions, the type of base used, and the number of times it’s been moved.

These are just a few signs it might be time to replace your mattress:

  • You notice sagging, indents, lumps, or bowing in the mattress base
  • The mattress makes noises it didn’t used to make
  • You wake up with a stiff neck, sore back, or other aches and pains
  • The mattress has worn or frayed edges, rips, visibly thinner fabric, or other signs of wear

You can extend the life of your mattress by rotating it regularly, using a good-quality mattress protector, cleaning your mattress regularly, washing your sheets often, using a proper foundation, and being mindful of weight on the mattress. Do your best to prevent damage from wear and tear, too, like kids jumping on the bed.

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Which hybrid mattress is best?

Logan & Cove Choice is the best hybrid mattress according to independent, third-party engineers (commissioned by us) and was rated the Best Luxury Hybrid Mattress by Canadian Living. It’s also our pick for Best Hybrid 2024.

Logan & Cove Choice features a five-zone system with up to 1,200 individually wrapped pocket coils for targeted support and spinal alignment. It also comes with premium cooling foams, luxury fabrics, a 365-night sleep trial, and a 15-year warranty—all for just $999 for a queen size.


What should I look for when shopping for a hybrid mattress?

When you’re shopping for a mattress, it’s important to consider more than just how comfortable it is. There are a whole range of factors to keep in mind, which we list below.

  • Budget: Hybrid mattresses can be expensive, so set a budget and stick to it. You might even be able to make this budget go further by finding limited-time deals and promotions online. For example, Logan & Cove mattresses come with a free bedding bundle that includes a mattress protector, pillow(s), sheets, and pillow protector(s).
  • Firmness: Choose a mattress with the right firmness level for your sleep style—that is, whether you sleep on your side, back, or stomach. For example, side sleepers often want a softer mattress, while back sleepers may prefer something firmer. Medium-firm offers the best level of firmness for all sleep styles and positions.
  • Motion Isolation: Pay close attention to motion isolation if you share your bed with a partner, kids, or pets. The higher the isolation score, the less you’ll notice movement from the other side of the bed. Hybrids generally score well for motion isolation if they have pocketed coils.
  • Edge Support: Are you in the habit of sitting or sleeping near the edge of the bed? Look for a mattress with good edge support to keep your body supported in any position.
  • Bounce: If you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, you might prefer a mattress with extra bounce. (Your inner child will love it, too!)
  • Temperature: Speaking of overheating—if you’re a warm sleeper, look for a mattress specifically designed for hot sleepers that promotes airflow and reduces heat. Some hybrids like Logan & Cove use gel-infused memory foam and a coil support layer to keep you cool, comfortable, and supported all night.

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  • Contouring: Contouring materials like memory foam help support your body in all the right places. That said, too much “hug” can cause overheating and make it hard to move, so find the level of contouring that’s best for your body.
  • Responsiveness: A responsive mattress allows you to change positions without feeling stuck. Hybrid mattresses are often highly responsive and can help you enjoy certain activities in bed even more.
  • Noise: Nobody likes a squeaky or crinkly mattress. Get a quiet night’s sleep with a mattress made from noise-quieting materials like foam or latex. If low noise is important to you, avoid hybrid mattresses made with continuous or Bonnell coils.
  • Company Policies: Get details about the manufacturer’s sleep trial, return policy, and product warranty so you know what you’re getting into. Look for a 365-night sleep trial, full refund in case of returns, and a warranty at least 15 years in length, like with Logan & Cove Choice.