DreamCloud Mattress Review (2024)

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DreamCloud Mattress

Made in United States
Queen $1,099
Our Rating

Informed by third-party engineer testing commissioned by GoodMorning.com.
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6.4 /10

Entry-Level Hybrid Mattress

DreamCloud is a hybrid mattress distributed by Resident, who is self-billed as “America’s #1 Mattress Company.” However, Resident has made false claims about manufacturing DreamCloud mattresses entirely in the US. This mattress is available in-store and online for $1,099 for a queen size.

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Logan & Cove Choice

9.5 /10

Made in


2024 Best Hybrid Mattress

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Queen $999
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DreamCloud Mattress Sizes & Prices




75″ x 38″ x 14″

70 lb

Twin XL


80″ x 38″ x 14″

72 lb

Full / Double


75″ x 54″ x 14″

92 lb



80″ x 60″ x 14″

109 lb



80″ x 76″ x 14″

132 lb

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Photo of the DreamCloud Mattress box on the floor in a bedroom taken from a front angle.


Delivery, Sleep Trial & Returns

DreamCloud ships by ground to your door using FedEx, with free shipping and returns throughout the Canadian provinces. However, Dreamcloud charges $150 per large item ordered to Northwest Territories and Yukon. The company doesn’t deliver to Nunavut.

Since shipping costs seem to vary, do your homework on the total cost to deliver to your door—especially if you’re in a remote area or one of the Canadian territories.

The company website notes different mattresses and sizes have different ship times, typically taking 2–5 or 3–7 business days (depending on where you look on their website).

We were unable to determine the location of DreamCloud’s Canadian distribution centres. However, DreamCloud has an exclusive Canadian retailer distribution agreement with Leon’s, which has retail stores and distribution centres across Canada.

Once unpacked, the mattress takes up to 72 hours to fully expand. DreamCloud offers a 365-night sleep trial, which is better than the industry average. The company also offers a limited lifetime warranty for as long as you have the mattress.




Shipping Cost


Shipping Time


Sleep Trial Nights


Warranty Years


Return Ease

Free pickup and return, full refund

DreamCloud Mattress Construction

HeightLayersCertiPUR-US® CertifiedMachine Washable Cover





The DreamCloud mattress has five layers: four foam layers and one pocket coil support layer. 

  • Layer 1: The 1.5″ comfort layer is made of plush polyurethane foam that supports and cushions your body. It’s stitched into the quilted top cover. The foam density is unknown.
  • Layer 2: This layer contains 1″ of viscoelastic polyurethane foam, also known as gel-infused memory foam, which contours to the shape of your body while you sleep. Memory foam is known for trapping body heat, and some customer reviews state DreamCloud sleeps hot. The foam density is unknown. 
  • Layer 3: DreamCloud says the 2″ transition layer of polyurethane foam helps promote spinal alignment and soften the transition from memory foam to pocket coils. Foam density is unknown. 
  • Layer 4: This layer is made up of individually wrapped 8.5″ stainless steel pocket coils, with thicker coils around the perimeter to provide better edge support, improve airflow, and reduce motion transfer. 
  • Layer 5: The 1″ support layer is made of polyurethane foam to provide stability and structure for the top layers. The foam density is unknown. 

According to our testing, the cashmere blend cover is 68% polyester, 31% rayon, and 1% cashmere. It’s soft to the touch with good breathability, despite the low amount of cashmere present. The cover can’t be removed, and you’ll void the warranty if you try.

We weren’t able to find any specifications on the bottom and side cover composition of the DreamCloud mattress. DreamCloud frequently compares its mattress to Logan & Cove, which is completely transparent about its mattress construction, material composition and 2.5 lbs/ft³ foam density. 

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Mattress Performance Results

DreamCloud Edge Support Test

5.7 /10

Edge Support

Like many hybrid mattresses, DreamCloud has average edge support at 5.7/10, despite having thicker steel coils around the perimeter for extra support. Even so, you should be able to sit or lie on the edge of the bed without sinking into it.

5.9 /10

Motion Isolation

DreamCloud ranks about average on motion isolation, with a score of 5.9/10. Above-average or excellent motion isolation is essential if you value undisturbed sleep. Logan & Cove Choice is worth comparing, as it comes with a lower price tag for above-average motion isolation at 6.4/10.

3.9 /10


DreamCloud mattress scored a below-average rating of 3.9/10 for bounce. While hybrid mattresses typically have lower bounce, this is a lower rating than comparable mattresses.

If you’re looking for a little more bounce, Logan & Cove might fit the bill with a bounce rating of 5.2/10—an option worth considering, especially when combined with its high motion isolation score.

See how Logan & Cove Choice compares in third-party engineer testing.

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Company Background

LaunchedCompany HQOwnershipBBB RatingTrustpilot Rating






DreamCloud Holdings launched the Nectar Sleep online mattress brand in 2017. DreamCloud was introduced in 2018 as a premium hybrid mattress.

DreamCloud Holdings rebranded in 2019 to become Resident. In late 2022, Leon’s Furniture announced an exclusive partnership with Resident to sell its Nectar and DreamCloud mattresses in Canada.

The company has a proven history of making false claims about where its mattresses are made. In 2018, the FTC filed a complaint against DreamCloud for violating the FTC Act on its “Made in USA” claims. As part of the ruling, the company is prohibited “from making several claims that deceive consumers and harm law-abiding businesses”.

In June 2022, the FTC ordered the company to “Cease Made in USA Fraud”, citing Resident Home as a “repeat offender.” The company consented to the ruling, and the FTC issued refunds to more than 12,000 affected people in the US.

Even so, in July 2023, the FTC ruled that DreamCloud mattresses were finished overseas and contain significant imported materials. This was after DreamCloud repeatedly claimed their mattresses were “proudly made with 100% USA-made premium quality materials.” The FTC charged Resident Home with false, unsupported, and misleading advertising.

At the time this review was originally written, DreamCloud’s customer review rating on Better Business Bureau was 2.6/5 stars, averaged across 115 reviews. However, this profile is no longer visible on the BBB website. DreamCloud now has a different BBB profile, which is rated “A+” and has 80 reviews at the time of this update. DreamCloud is also rated “Poor” on Trustpilot, with over 80% of reviews being one star.

Should You Buy DreamCloud?

While DreamCloud is a decent mattress, you may want to steer clear of a company that has been fined by the FTC for false advertising and has many negative reviews across third-party websites like Better Business Bureau, Trustpilot, and Reddit.

Instead, we recommend that you consider a company like Logan & Cove, which holds has rating of with the Better Business Bureau and is rated on Trustpilot.

Logan & Cove is competitively priced at $999 for a queen size, comes with a 365-night sleep trial, and 15-year warranty. You’ll also receive a FREE bedding bundle with your mattress purchase.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the DreamCloud mattress cover machine washable?

No, the DreamCloud cover isn’t machine washable. As per the DreamCloud website, removing the mattress cover to clean it will void the mattress warranty. The Canadian DreamCloud website has basic care instructions in its FAQ section. The company recommends a mattress protector and sells its own waterproof version as part of a bedding bundle.

What does the DreamCloud mattress warranty cover?

DreamCloud offers a lifetime warranty under normal use from manufacturer or material defects when the mattress is properly supported on a firm, solid surface like a bed base. Since larger DreamCloud mattresses are quite heavy, avoid ripping the handles on the lower cover, as it’s unclear if this damage is covered under warranty.

The detailed warranty is posted on DreamCloud’s website. DreamCloud states that their warranty doesn’t contain legal speak, but it’s not as easy to read as they claim. It may not be clear to customers that removing the mattress cover voids the warranty unless they actually read it.

It’s also worth noting that DreamCloud in the US has fewer than two dozen Trustpilot reviews at the time of review publication. These are mostly from customers who report poor product quality and difficulty getting the company to honour its stated return policy.

Does the DreamCloud mattress sleep hot?

The company’s website says that, unlike other hybrid or memory foam mattresses, its cashmere-blend cover and cooling technology mean the user will not overheat while using the mattress. However, some customer reviews complain of heat trapping while they sleep.

What happens to returned DreamCloud mattresses?

Dream Cloud’s website says the company will work with the customer to get the item donated or otherwise disposed of through local organizations within the customer’s community.

How firm is the DreamCloud mattress?

DreamCloud is a medium to medium-firm mattress with a significant amount of “hug” from the top layer and some sinkage in the hip area. This can feel softer for some sleepers. At the same time, some customer reviews state the mattress is too firm to sleep comfortably.

Our third-party engineer testing (commissioned by us) noted that the DreamCloud mattress doesn’t have thicker-gauge steel coils in the middle section of the mattress, which could explain why the mattress feels a bit softer.

Does the DreamCloud mattress contain memory foam?

DreamCloud says its mattress contains a layer of pressure-relieving memory foam, which is infused with cooling gel. This layer is one inch thick and is located beneath the contouring top layer.

Where is the DreamCloud mattress made?

Information about DreamCloud’s country of origin is challenging to find. The DreamCloud website states the company recently opened a manufacturing facility in Jefferson, Indiana, although there is no date reference. However, Resident issued a news release in June 2022 announcing the opening. This information appears to contradict the DreamCloud website FAQ, which states that DreamCloud mattresses are produced in Mexico as of September 2023.

Historically, the company has been criticized for not publicizing where its mattresses are made. In July 2023, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission found that DreamCloud mattresses were finished overseas and contain significant imported materials, contrary to DreamCloud’s claim of being “proudly made with 100% USA-made premium quality materials.” The FTC charged Resident Home with false and misleading advertising. The company settled and agreed to refund more than 12,000 affected people in the US.

Does the DreamCloud mattress need a special frame?

DreamCloud says its mattress is very easy to set up on a basic frame or box spring. The website notes it is a plush mattress, so buyers should ensure their bed frame can fit a 14″ mattress. The company sells a box spring and a remote-controlled adjustable base frame.

However, the detailed warranty information on DreamCloud’s website specifies that the mattress must be used on a firm, solid surface such as a bed base that can fully support the weight of the mattress and user at all times, or else it will void the warranty. It’s also best that you not place the mattress directly on the floor to maximize air flow.

How much does the DreamCloud mattress cost?

The DreamCloud mattress is priced at $599–$1,399, depending on which mattress size you choose. The DreamCloud queen mattress is available for $1,099.

Are DreamCloud mattresses good?

On Reddit’s r/mattress forum, DreamCloud is #2 on the list of top 10 mattresses to avoid.

DreamCloud is unaccredited with the Better Business Bureau and its new profile currently has no customer reviews. However, the company’s previous profile (which is no longer accessible) had hundreds of negative reviews, with the overall customer rating sitting below the two-star mark.

In Canada, DreamCloud does not have a Trustpilot rating. In the US, DreamCloud has a poor Trustpilot rating based on fewer than two dozen reviews, mostly for issues with the company not honouring its refund policy and the quality of the product. The company has a better Trustpilot rating in the UK with more than 1,700 reviews. However, DreamCloud no longer ships overseas.

What DreamCloud mattress alternatives should I consider?

Logan & Cove Choice is a medium-firm hybrid mattress ideal for all sleep styles. The company also offers gel-infused memory foam, uses high-quality, eco-conscious materials, and was the first bed-in-a-box-company to offer a 365-night sleep trial.

Logan & Cove Choice also earned top scores for its overall comfort and excellent value year-round at just $999 for a queen size, compared to $1,099 for a regular-priced DreamCloud.


You May Prefer:

Logan & Cove Choice

9.5 /10

Made in


2024 Best Hybrid Mattress

Logan & Cove mattresses feature a lavish hotel-quality design and a generous 365-night sleep trial. You’ll also receive a FREE bedding bundle to complement your new luxury mattress.

Get a FREE Bedding Bundle, PLUS 50% Off Bamboo Sheets with mattress purchase!
Sale ends June 26th. See website for details >
Queen $999
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