Purple Mattress Review (2024)

Alex Forest

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Purple Restore Hybrid

Made in United States
Queen $3,312
Our Rating

Informed by third-party engineer testing commissioned by GoodMorning.com.
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3.9 /10

Hard-to-Buy Hybrid With Only One Special Feature

Purple Restore Hybrid is a hybrid mattress made by Purple Innovations. This mattress features a layer of GelFlex Grid technology and excellent edge support. It can only be purchased directly from Purple, which doesn’t ship to Canada.

Purple offers an industry-average 100-night sleep trial and 10-year warranty. The mattress also lacks advanced cooling features and pressure-point relief. These features—and the difficulty buying this mattress—aren’t enough to justify the cost of $3,312 for a queen size.

Consider a competing mattress like Octave Vista instead. Octave comes with advanced cooling and pressure-point relief, a 365-night sleep trial, and a 15-year warranty. Priced at just $899 for a queen size, Octave offers much more value for a fraction of the cost.

Note: For the purposes of this review, we purchased a mattress directly from Purple and had it shipped internationally. This model is not available for sale in Canada.

Need advanced cooling, zoned support, and pressure-point relief? Meet Octave.

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Octave Vista

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Designed with advanced cooling fabrics and high-tech foams, Octave offers Canada’s best cooling mattress at a remarkably competitive price. Get a 365-night sleep trial, 15-year warranty, and FREE bedding bundle with your mattress purchase.

Queen $899
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Purple Restore Mattress Sizes & Prices

Note: Original prices on the Purple website are in USD. Every two weeks, we check these prices and convert them to CAD for easy reference.


Twin XL


75″ x 37.5″ x 11.5″

72 lb

Full / Double


75″ x 53″ x 11.5″

98 lb



80″ x 60″ x 11.5″

114 lb



80″ x 76″ x 11.5″

141 lb

California King


84″ x 72″ x 11.5″

140 lb

Split King


80″ x 38″ x 11.5″ (x2)

144 lb (72 lb x 2)


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A photo of a Purple mattress bag laying on the floor of a bedroom


Delivery, Sleep Trial & Returns

Purple Restore Hybrid only ships within the United States and is not available for purchase in Canada. It can only be purchased if you organize cross-border shipping with a third-party courier, like we did.

Purple offers a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty for Purple Restore Hybrid. The warranty only covers manufacturing defects. It’s also voided if you remove the mattress cover. The cover also has its own 2-year warranty, but this is only for manufacturing defects.




Shipping Cost

Free shipping within the United States

Shipping Time

3–5 business days

Sleep Trial Nights


Warranty Years


Return Ease

Free return pickup with full refund (USA only)


Rest easy with Octave Vista’s 365-night sleep trial with free return pickup and full refund.

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Close-up photo of the inside of the Purple Restore Hybrid mattress on a bedframe in a bedroom taken from a corner angle.


Purple Mattress Construction

HeightLayersCertiPUR-US® CertifiedMachine-Washable Cover





Purple Restore Hybrid stands 11.5″ tall and has 3 interior layers. The GelFlex® Grid and all foam layers are CertiPUR-US® and CleanAir GOLD certified.

  • Layer 1: The top (comfort) layer includes Purple’s flexible 2″ GelFlex polymer grid. It’s designed to dissipate heat and relieve pressure. This grid is encased in edge support foam along the sidewalls.
  • Layer 2: The middle (transition) layer is 1.5″ of adaptive polyurethane foam that conforms to your body’s shape. This adds to the mattress’s overall comfort, and prevents you from feeling the coils in the support layer.
  • Layer 3: The bottom (support) layer is 8″ thick and contains responsive, individually pocketed coils. These coils give the mattress most of its bulk, and keep you from sinking too deeply into the mattress while you’re lying on it.

Purple Restore Hybrid’s SoftFlex cover is made using polyester, rayon, elastic, and a synthetic “sheath/core” polymer yarn that Purple doesn’t share further details about. It’s designed to be breathable and anti-microbial.

Although the mattress cover has a zipper, it is not meant to be removed and isn’t machine-washable. It must be spot-cleaned only. Removing the cover may void Purple Restore Hybrid’s warranty.


Get the cooling mattress with a machine-washable top cover.

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Mattress Performance Results

Photo of a mannequin laying on the Purple Restore Hybrid mattress leaving an impression to demonstrate the firmness of the mattress

During testing, our mannequin weighs 170 lb and measures 5’5″ tall.

6.4 /10


In third-party engineer testing (commissioned by us), Purple Restore Hybrid scored 6.4/10 for firmness. This places it in the medium-firm category. However, we purchased the firm version of this mattress, so you’ll find it softer than advertised.

In comparison, competitor Octave Vista has a firmness score of 6.8/10. If you’re looking for a slightly firmer—yet still medium-firm—mattress that balances comfort and support, Octave Vista might be a better choice.

Photo of a mannequin sitting on the edge of the Purple Restore Hybrid mattress leaving an impression to demonstrate the amount of edge support

During testing, our mannequin weighs 170 lb and measures 5’5″ tall.

9.5 /10

Edge Support

Purple Restore Hybrid scored 9.5/10 for edge support. This is an excellent rating for any mattress. You won’t sink deeply into the sidewalls, meaning you can sit comfortably on the edge of the bed or sleep near the edge without falling off.

7.5 /10

Motion Isolation

Purple Restore Hybrid scored 7.5/10 for motion isolation, which is a good rating. You should be able to get a restful night’s sleep without noticing most of your partner’s smaller movements.

However, as seen in the video above, you’ll likely notice larger movements from the other side of the bed. This could be partly because the mattress has a high level of bounce—unusual for mattresses that score well for motion isolation.

7.8 /10


Purple Restore Hybrid scored 7.8/10 for bounce. This is a very high score for a hybrid mattress. You won’t have trouble changing sleep positions or moving around, and you should be able to get up after lying down without any problems.

However, you may find the mattress too springy. If you prefer a mattress with less bounce, take a look at Octave Vista, which has a bounce score of 3.7/10. But don’t worry about changing positions—Vista’s 2″ layer of premium Elastex® foam is responsive enough for easy movement.

Company Background

LaunchedCompany HQOwnershipBBB RatingTrustpilot Rating


Alpine, Utah, USA




Purple was founded in 2015 by brothers Tony and Terry Pearce in Alpine, Utah. The Pearce brothers had experience creating advanced synthetic materials for the medical tech and aerospace industries. They incorporated their Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ into Purple’s mattress designs, making it a signature part of their brand.

In 2017, Purple merged with Global Partner Acquisition Corp. Purple has also been working to expand its market outside of the United States, entering into a partnership with Sleep Country Canada.

Purple is rated “A+” on Better Business Bureau. However, Purple scores much worse on Trustpilot, where the company’s unclaimed profile is rated “Poor”. Customer reviews indicate that Purple’s mattresses can sag and degrade well before the end of the company’s 10-year warranty. Reviews also mention issues making warranty claims, as well as problems with customer service.


Shop Octave Vista, the company that’s rated “A+” on BBB and “Excellent” on Trustpilot.

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Should You Buy Purple Restore Hybrid?

Purple Restore Hybrid has good edge support, and the GelFlex Grid is an interesting feature. But Purple lacks cooling features and a machine-washable cover, its sleep trial and warranty are only industry standard, and it’s hard to buy in Canada. At $3,312 for a queen size, this mattress doesn’t feel worth the cost. We recommend Octave Vista instead.

Octave Vista has a machine-washable cover, excellent pressure-point relief, and advanced cooling features like cooling gel foam and phase-change material. Octave also offers more value with a 365-night sleep trial, 15-year warranty, and free bedding bundle—all for just $899 for a queen size.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Purple mattresses good?

While some customers love their Purple mattresses, this brand isn’t available to Canadians. We find far more value in Octave Vista. Octave provides more cooling features, zoned support, and pressure-point relief, as well as a machine-washable cover. These features come at a much lower cost—just $899 for a queen size, compared to $3,312 for Purple Restore Hybrid.

How much does a Purple mattress cost?

Purple Restore Hybrid costs $2,760–$5,520 CAD, depending on the size you choose. The mattress is available in sizes ranging from twin XL to California king. A queen-size Purple Restore Hybrid costs $3,312. (In comparison, competitor mattress Octave Vista costs just $899 for a queen size.)

Does the Purple mattress ship to Canada?

No, Purple only offers shipping within the United States. We had to purchase and ship the mattress through our international shipping channels. This isn’t an option for many Canadians.

How heavy is a Purple mattress?

Purple Restore Hybrid weighs between 72 lb (twin XL) and 144 lb (72 lb x 2) (split king), depending on which size you get. A queen-size Purple Restore Hybrid weighs 114 lb. This is heavier than many mattresses but is not the heaviest mattress we’ve ever reviewed. (For reference, Octave Vista weighs just 69 lb.) Even so, we found this mattress to be unusually hard to move.

How long do Purple mattresses last?

Purple offers an industry standard 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. However, negative customer reviews on Trustpilot complain that Purple’s mattresses can sag and degrade well before the end of the warranty. Reviews also mention issues making warranty claims.

Can you flip a Purple mattress?

No. Like most modern mattresses, Purple mattresses are not designed to be flipped. They’re only designed to work right-side up.

Do you need a box spring with a Purple mattress?

Purple recommends not using a box spring with Purple Restore Hybrid. A box spring doesn’t give the mattress enough support. In fact, the law label on the mattress we purchased said that Purple Restore Hybrid isn’t meant to be used with a foundation at all.

Does the Purple mattress have fiberglass?

No, Purple mattresses don’t contain fiberglass. When we checked the law label on our Purple Restore Hybrid, fiberglass wasn’t listed among the materials used. Purple uses rayon and an unspecified fire-resistant material to meet fire safety requirements.

Can I wash the Purple mattress cover?

No. Although the mattress cover has a zipper, the cover is not meant to be removed and is not machine-washable. Removing the cover for any reason will void the manufacturer’s warranty. Instead, Purple recommends spot-cleaning the mattress cover with upholstery detergent.

What does the Purple mattress warranty include?

Purple’s 10-year limited manufacturer’s warranty covers defects in workmanship. The warranty will cover body indentations greater than 1″ and any damage resulting from faulty material or assembly. The warranty doesn’t cover any other types of damage, including damage incurred during shipping.

Note that the mattress cover has a separate, shorter 2-year warranty. Like the main mattress warranty, this warranty only covers defects in workmanship and material.

What Purple mattress alternatives should I consider?

We find more value in Octave Vista. Octave offers far more features at a much lower price of just $899 for a queen size. Vista comes with advanced cooling, pressure-point relief, zoned support, and a machine-washable cover. You’ll also get a 365-night sleep trial, a 15-year warranty, and a free bedding bundle with your purchase.


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