Simba 1500 Mattress Review (2024)

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Simba 1500 Mattress

Made in Canada
Queen $1,999
Our Rating

Informed by third-party engineer testing commissioned by
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3.2 /10

Pricey Entry-Level Hybrid Mattress

Simba 1500 is a hybrid mattress manufactured by Simba Sleep. It’s available online from Simba’s website and in person at Sleep Country stores. Although it has excellent edge support and motion isolation, Simba 1500 only has an industry-standard 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

At $1,999 for a queen size, Simba 1500 is pricey for an entry-level hybrid, and it may not give you the value you need. Other hybrid mattresses like Logan & Cove Frontier offer more for less. Frontier has a longer sleep trial and warranty, 5-zone full-body support, and a layer of cooling gel.

Note: The mattress we purchased for this review was manufactured two years before it shipped. This was a significant factor in Simba’s low final score.

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Logan & Cove Frontier

9.3 /10

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Simba 1500 Mattress Sizes & Prices

Disclaimer: Pricing may vary depending on where Simba 1500 is purchased. In addition to the Simba website, Simba 1500 can (at time of writing) be purchased from Sleep Country and Wal-Mart, which may have different prices.





75″ x 38″ x 10″


Twin XL


80″ x 38″ x 10″


Full / Double


75″ x 54″ x 10″




80″ x 60″ x 10″




80″ x 76″ x 10″


Buy the luxury hybrid that costs just $1,299 for a queen size.

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Photo of the Simba Hybrid 1500 Mattress box on the floor in a bedroom taken from a front angle.


Delivery, Sleep Trial & Returns

Simba 1500 may be ordered directly from Simba Sleep’s Canadian website or via Sleep Country Canada. If ordered from Sleep Country, shipping is free (on orders above $75) and takes 3–10 business days. If you live in the Territories or Newfoundland and Labrador, delivery takes 7–10 days and costs $120.

You have 100 nights to try Simba 1500 at home before deciding whether to keep it. However, Simba asks that you spend at least 30 days with the mattress before returning it. If you ordered the mattress from Sleep Country, you need to bring the mattress back to the store yourself, as Sleep Country doesn’t offer return pickup.

Sleep Country also doesn’t offer refunds on returned mattresses. You can only exchange your mattress for in-store credit minus a $65 exchange fee. If you exchange Simba 1500 for a more expensive mattress, you must pay the price difference. You won’t get a refund if you trade the mattress for a less expensive model.

Because Sleep Country also handles shipping for orders made on Simba’s website, online shoppers are also subject to Sleep Country’s return and exchange policies. If you return a Simba mattress you purchased online, that means no pickup service—you’ll have to haul it to the nearest Sleep Country store.

Simba 1500 comes with an industry-standard 10-year warranty covering only manufacturing defects. It doesn’t cover normal wear and tear or incidental damage. This is very restrictive compared to competing mattress Logan & Cove Frontier, which comes with a 365-night sleep trial, a 15-year warranty, and a free return pickup with a full refund if you’re unsatisfied.




Shipping Cost

Free shipping on orders over $75

Shipping Time

3–10 business days

Sleep Trial Nights


Warranty Years


Return Ease

Exchange only with $65 fee; no pickup.

Choose Logan & Cove Frontier with its 365-night sleep trial and 15-year warranty.

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Close-up photo of the inside of the Simba Hybrid 1500 Mattress on a bedframe in a bedroom taken from a corner angle.


Simba 1500 Mattress Construction

HeightLayersCertiPUR-US® CertifiedMachine-Washable Cover





Simba 1500 is a 10″ hybrid mattress with 3 distinct interior layers. Two of these layers are foam, and one uses an unknown number of coils. All foam used is CertiPUR-US® certified. Simba doesn’t publicly disclose the densities of the foams used in Simba 1500’s construction.

  • Layer 1: The top (comfort) layer of Simba 1500 is 1.25″ of Simbatex® open-cell foam. This layer contours to your body and helps to relieve pressure. The graphite infusion helps to dissipate heat, keeping your sleep cool.
  • Layer 2: The second (transition) layer is 1″ of micro-coils. These cone-shaped springs are individually pocketed and encased in a layer of edge support foam along the mattress’s sidewalls.
  • Layer 3: The bottom (support) layer is 7.75″ of support foam. This dense foam layer gives the mattress most of its bulk and keeps you from sinking in too deep.

Simba’s mattress cover is made of polyester, polypropylene, and a small amount of elastane. It has handles on the side to make moving the mattress easier. Polyester isn’t naturally breathable, and has been known to trap heat—so you might end up sleeping hotter on this mattress than you might think.

Even though Simba 1500 has a zipper, the cover is not meant to be removed and is not machine-washable. Simba recommends that you spot-clean this mattress only.

Buy the luxury hybrid that comes with cooling gel and a cooling nanofibre cover.

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Mattress Performance Results

photo of a water bottle lying on the edge of a Simba 1500 mattress to demonstrate edge support

8.1 /10

Edge Support

In third-party engineer testing (commissioned by us), Simba 1500 earned an edge support score of 8.1/10. This is an excellent score. You’ll be able to sit on the edge of the bed or sleep close to it without any problem.

7.5 /10

Motion Isolation

Simba 1500 scored 7.5/10 for motion isolation, a very good score for a hybrid mattress. You should be able to change sleep positions and move around on the bed easily without disturbing your partner.

4.0 /10


Simba 1500 scored 4.0/10 on bounce. This is a slightly below average score for a hybrid mattress, and you may notice some difficulty changing positions or getting out of bed in the morning.

(If you need a little more bounce to help you out of bed, consider Logan & Cove Frontier. Frontier’s bounce score of 5.8/10 will put a little extra spring in your step when you wake up.)

Company Background

LaunchedCompany HQOwnershipBBB RatingTrustpilot Rating


United Kingdom


“A+” (unaccredited)


Simba Sleep launched in 2015 and is based in the United Kingdom. Simba’s Canadian products are made in Canada.

According to the company’s website, Simba is the world’s most reviewed mattress brand. Not all of these reviews are positive—some Simba mattress reviews have noted issues that become apparent after the customer’s sleep trial ended, including sagging, back pain, and mattress odour.

Though Simba doesn’t offer direct in-person retail in Canada, it has partnered with Sleep Country for distribution. Sleep Country was founded in 1994 in Vancouver, BC, and now has hundreds of brick-and-mortar stores across Canada. The company sells a variety of sleep products, including mattresses, pillows, bedding, and furniture.

Simba itself has a good online reputation with a Trustpilot rating of “Excellent”. While the company’s Canadian distributor, Sleep Country, is rated “A+” (unaccredited) on Better Business Bureau, Sleep Country holds a customer review rating of just 1.3/5 stars. The company also has a “Poor” rating on Trustpilot. Common customer complaints include product issues and difficulty filing warranty claims.

Shop Logan & Cove, and buy from the company that’s rated “A+” on BBB and “Excellent” on Trustpilot.

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Should You Buy Simba 1500?

Simba 1500 has excellent edge support and motion isolation, but it offers relatively few cooling features and a very restrictive return policy. Despite being Simba’s most affordable hybrid, it’s also pricey for what it offers. Consider an affordably priced luxury hybrid like Logan & Cove Frontier instead.

At just $1,299 for a queen size, Logan & Cove Frontier has more advanced cooling features, a less restrictive sleep trial, and a longer warranty. Logan & Cove is also rated “A+” on BBB, is rated “Excellent” on Trustpilot, and has thousands of reviews from satisfied customers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Simba mattresses good?

Simba 1500 is a decent mattress, but it comes with a high price tag and relatively few features. You should take a look at Logan & Cove Frontier instead. At $1,299 for a queen size, Frontier’s cooling gel and cooling nanofibre cover do a lot more to help you sleep cool—and you’ll rest easy with Logan & Cove’s 365 sleep trial and 15-year warranty.

How much is a Simba mattress?

Simba 1500 has a price range of $1,399–$2,299, and is available from twin to king size.

Can I clean the Simba 1500 mattress?

Simba recommends spot-cleaning the mattress only. The cover is removable, but it is not machine washable.

Where are Simba mattresses made?

Simba manufactures mattresses for its Canadian market in Canada.

Who owns Simba Mattress?

Simba Sleep is owned by founders James Cox, Steve Reid, Andrew McClements, and Harry McClements. In Canada, the company has an exclusive partnership with Sleep Country Canada.

Does the Simba mattress come in a box?

Yes, Simba mattresses come in a box. Simba rolls and compresses its mattresses like other bed-in-a-box brands for easier shipping.

According to the company’s FAQ, the mattress may take up to 72 hours to fully expand once unpacked and unrolled.

How long does a Simba mattress last?

Simba offers a 10-year warranty on its mattresses, but customer reviews indicate that the mattresses can sag and deteriorate relatively soon after purchase.

Do you have to rotate a Simba mattress?

Yes, Simba recommends rotating your mattress.

The company’s FAQ states that its mattresses should be rotated once a month to start, and once every 3–6 months after that. Simba 1500 has fabric handles on the side to make this easier. It is unclear whether the fabric handles are covered under Simba’s warranty.

What does the manufacturer’s warranty cover?

Simba’s 10-year warranty covers manufacturing defects only. It does not cover any incidental or accidental damage, including any harm to the mattress while it’s being shipped.

The mattress cover is only protected for the first year of the warranty term. If you discover damage to the Simba mattress cover after that point, you won’t be able to make a warranty claim.

What Simba mattress alternatives should I consider?

We suggest checking out Logan & Cove Frontier. At just $1,299 for a queen size, Frontier offers a lot more value for a considerably lower price. Frontier features zoned support, pressure-point relief, cooling nanofibres in the top cover, and cooling gel foam layer. It comes with a longer 15-year warranty and a risk-free 365-night sleep trial, complete with free return pickup and a full refund.


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Logan & Cove Frontier

9.3 /10

Made in


2024 Best Hybrid Mattress

Logan & Cove mattresses feature a lavish hotel-quality design and a generous 365-night sleep trial. You’ll also receive a FREE bedding bundle to complement your new luxury mattress.

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Sale ends July 19th. See website for details >
Queen $1,299
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