Best Mattress Deals Canada: Top 9 Free Items With Purchase (July 2024)

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What is the best mattress deal in Canada?

Douglas offers the best mattress deal in Canada. With Douglas, you don’t just get an affordable mattress at a consistent price—you also get the company’s Comfort Sleep Bundle. This bundle includes cotton sheets, a waterproof mattress protector, memory foam pillow(s), and waterproof pillow protector(s).

The Douglas Comfort Sleep Bundle comes with its own 120-night sleep trial, a 2-year warranty, and a wide selection of features, separate from the mattress’s own trial and warranty. With over 1,500 five-star reviews from verified customers, Douglas’s bundle adds even more value to your mattress purchase.

Douglas Mattress + Comfort Sleep Bundle

Sleep experts at chose the Douglas mattress and its Comfort Sleep Bundle as the Best Deal in Canada, out of nine total bundles reviewed.

Mattress shopping can be complicated, especially when you’re looking for a deal. Retailers often use misleading pricing and promotional tactics that look like great deals, but don’t provide good value. These tactics can include offering permanently “discounted” prices, or raising prices before a sale so the “regular” price looks like a discount.

On the other hand, you can get excellent value with deals like free accessories or bedding bundles with the purchase of a mattress. Free bedding bundles are ideal because your mattress comes with essential bedding that you’d otherwise have to buy separately. But how do you know which company offers the best quality and value?

At, we independently purchase mattresses for testing. Some of these mattresses come with free bundles and accessories. We’ve rated these free items based on our first-hand impressions, our industry knowledge, and the features that are most important to you, like comfort, durability, and value. Looking for the best mattress deals in Canada? You’ve come to the right place.

NOTE: For the purpose of this article, we’ve categorized bedding bundles as promotional offerings that include two or more types of accessories.


1. Douglas

Douglas Comfort Sleep Bundle

“Best mattress protector I’ve ever seen.” —Jane M.

Douglas offers high-quality, eco-conscious, Canadian-made mattresses at affordable prices. With the company’s Price Promise, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the lowest price for your new Douglas, no matter what day of the year it is. On top of consistent pricing, Douglas also includes a Comfort Sleep Bundle with your purchase.

With a 120-night sleep trial, a 2-year warranty, and over 1,500 five-star reviews from verified customers, the Douglas Comfort Sleep Bundle offers incredible value—especially when you consider all the accessories that are included:

Memory foam pillow(s): These mid-height (medium-height) pillows are made with shredded memory foam and polyester fill wrapped in a soft polyester cover. The foam and fabric materials are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and CertiPUR-US® certified. These pillows will comfortably contour around your head and neck in most sleeping positions.

Cotton sheet set: The sheet set includes a top sheet, bottom sheet, and pillowcase(s), all made of 100% cotton sheets with a sateen wave and 200-thread count. Most sheets included in free bundles are 100% polyester, which might feel softer initially but isn’t as breathable as cotton. The sheets are machine washable and may take a couple of cycles to soften, but they can be used year-round.

Mattress protector: This soft, breathable mattress protector guards against spills with its WaterShield™ waterproof barrier—without the crinkly sound associated with many mattress protectors. The mattress protector is made with a bamboo viscose cover, a polyester fill, a cotton backing, and stretchable polyester elastic that allows it to fit securely around your mattress.

Pillow protector(s): Made with temperature-regulating Infinitex™ fabric, a WaterShield™ waterproof barrier, and a zipper closure for complete protection, these pillow protectors will help keep your new pillows fresh and clean. Pillows arrive already wrapped in pillow protectors for extra convenience.
The Comfort Sleep Bundle is available in 10 popular mattress sizes and is designed to be used with Douglas Original, Douglas Alpine, and Douglas Summit.

Twin and twin XL mattresses come with one pillow and pillow protector, while all other mattress sizes come with two.

2. Endy

Endy Bundle

“This is nice. I think they went all-out on the duvet.” —Dylan C.

Endy Sleep garnered nationwide attention and solidified its brand presence in Canada following its appearance on CBC’s Dragons’ Den in 2017. Sleep Country Canada acquired the company in 2018. Endy regularly rotates its sales and mattress deals—sometimes offering a discount on the mattress, or a free bedding bundle at other times. The items in the bundle have changed over time.

Here’s what we received in the bundle that came with our Endy order:

Pillows: These mid-height pillows are made completely out of polyester. While they feel softer and provide plenty of contouring, you may find these pillows less breathable than the pillows in Douglas’s Comfort Sleep Bundle. While polyester is known for its durability, it isn’t as breathable as other fabric options.

Sheet set: Similar to the pillows, the sheets in the Endy bundle are 100% polyester. While they feel smooth and soft to the touch, which is good for sensitive skin, you may overheat due to the lack of breathability.

Mattress protector: Made from polyester and a thermoplastic polyurethane barrier, Endy’s mattress protector feels soft and airy. However, it lacks breathability compared to mattress protectors like the one in the Douglas Comfort Sleep Bundle, which is made from a bamboo blend and a cotton backing.

Duvet: While it feels soft and airy to the touch, the duvet in the Endy bundle is also 100% polyester. It’s machine washable and made from durable fabric, but it won’t be as breathable as a cotton duvet would be.

At first glance, this bundle looks like a good deal because it includes several items. But as we mentioned earlier, Endy rotates their promotions regularly. You may or may not be able to snag this specific bundle if you’re considering an Endy mattress. And while the bundle itself offers a good variety of accessories, they’re all made from polyester, which isn’t known for being a breathable fabric.

3. Silk & Snow

Silk & Snow Eco Soy Pillow

“Soft and comfortable. The material is nice and smooth.” —Grace S.

Silk & Snow entered the bed-in-a-box market in 2017 and sells mattresses and sleep products throughout Canada and North America. The brand was acquired by Sleep Country in 2023. However, Silk & Snow mattresses are sold through the brand’s website, not at Sleep Country.

With our purchase of an S&S Organic mattress, we received two queen-size pillows. Here’s our assessment:

Design: The lower height of the Silk & Snow pillows should work for most sleep positions.

Shell: The pillow cover is made from polyester and Tencel™ (also known as lyocell, a plant-based semi-synthetic fibre). Polyester provides durability, while Tencel™ offers softness and breathability. Tencel™ is also hypoallergenic. The cover is removable and machine washable.

Filling: The pillow shell contains a block of perforated polyurethane memory foam. Silk & Snow states that this foam is infused with soy oil, but the pillow’s law label doesn’t include this in its list of materials. While the block of foam is comfortable, it’s one solid piece, so you won’t be able to fluff or reshape your pillow.

Like several other brands on this list, Silk & Snow rotates their promotions, so the same deal isn’t always available. Promotions also aren’t the same across different mattress models. At the time this review was written, Silk & Snow offered two pillows with the purchase of S&S Organic, or a larger sleep bundle with the S&S Mattress or S&S Hybrid. You don’t have the option to choose between the pillows or the bundle.

The pillows come with a 3-year warranty. You have the option to return them along with the mattress within the 100-night sleep trial window. That said, if you want to keep the pillows but choose to return the mattress, you’ll need to pay 50% of the retail value of the pillows ($199 per pillow at the time of writing).

4. Bloom

Bloom Pillow

“It retains its shape well. Feels like a true memory foam pillow.” —Ty S.

Bloom is a value bed-in-a-box brand owned by Sleep Country Canada. Sleep Country promotions often rotate between sales, discounts, and free accessories with your purchase for certain brands. However, the company’s website doesn’t display the regular mattress price, making it hard to know if you’re actually getting a discount.

On occasion, Sleep Country will provide a pillow or other accessory with your Bloom mattress purchase. Here are our first impressions of the pillow that we received:

Design: The lower height of the Bloom pillow should be suitable for most sleepers and most positions.

Shell: The pillow cover is made of a polyester, cotton, and “other fibre” blend, providing a balance of durability and breathability. For added convenience, the cover is machine washable.

Filling: Inside the Bloom pillow is a block of perforated polyurethane foam. Most other pillows on this list have a polyester fill, so the polyfoam is a welcome surprise. However, since it’s a block of foam, you won’t be able to fluff or reshape your pillow.

We only received one pillow with the purchase of a Bloom Mist queen mattress. This isn’t ideal if you share your bed with a partner. If you both enjoy the pillow, you’ll be disappointed that you can’t purchase another on the Sleep Country website. Sleep Country’s pillow prices range from $59 to $250+, so you may end up spending more money to get a similar—not identical—pillow.

(Looking for an affordable mattress that comes with a larger bundle? Consider Juno instead.)

5. Emma

Emma Pillows

“Soft cover and good squish, but too small.” —Jess V.

Emma operates in 22 countries across Europe, Asia, and North America. You may find that Emma always seems to have their mattresses on sale. Emma’s price cutting has previously been investigated by the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority, and was found to mislead customers with permanent “sales”.

Emma does not offer a bedding bundle like Douglas or Endy. Instead, Emma provides a “mattress discount” and free accessories. When we purchased Emma Hybrid Comfort, we received two free pillows. Here is our impression:

Design: These mid-height pillows should suit a wide range of sleeping positions. That said, they’re a bit shorter than normal at just 15″ high (compared to 20″ for a standard pillow). You may prefer to use them as decorative pillows instead of ones you sleep with. They also won’t fit inside many standard pillowcases

Shell: The polyester pillow cover feels smooth and soft. It’s also machine washable for added convenience. However, the cover isn’t removable, so you’ll need to wash the entire pillow.

Filling: The Emma pillows are filled with soft polyester batting. While polyester is a durable material, this type of batting can compress over time. The more you use the pillows, the lumpier they’ll get.

The pillows arrived with our order of Emma Hybrid Comfort. They don’t provide the value we would expect to see in a bundle with a mattress that costs $1,487 for a queen size. Judging by negative Emma reviews on Trustpilot, you may want to consider a mattress from a Canadian alternative like Douglas instead.

6. Helix

Helix Pillows

“Pillows are good for polyester pillows. They’re a little thick, though.” —Eric O.

Helix Sleep is an American-based company that sells customizable mattresses and ships to Canada. You might be happy to see that Helix mattresses seem to be on sale regularly, but the entry-level Helix Midnight is priced higher than Canadian alternatives at an “original” price of $1,703 CAD for a queen size.

With our purchase of a Helix Midnight, the company provided two pillows. Here are our thoughts:

Design: These pillows’ mid-height design makes them suitable for most sleep styles. They are soft and offer plenty of contouring.

Shell: The pillow cover feels silky smooth and soft. The pillows are made completely out of polyester, which is known for durability but isn’t very breathable. For added convenience, the pillow is machine washable, but the cover isn’t removable, so you’ll need to wash the entire pillow.

Filling: This soft batting material is also used in stuffed animals and other types of furniture. Although polyester is a durable material, this type of batting can compress when you use it, so your pillow may get lumpy over time.

While these pillows are good for polyester pillows, pricing concerns placed Helix’s promotional offer lower on this list. On top of paying $1,703 CAD for a queen-size mattress, you’ll also need to pay a $250 shipping fee.

It’s also important to note that Helix has poor reviews on sites like Trustpilot and Better Business Bureau, related to poor customer service, mattress sagging, delivery issues, and returns.

7. Layla

Layla Pillows

“I like that it’s adjustable. It’s a nice feature.” —Sam K.

Layla is an American company that ships to Canada. The company offers various promotions with their mattresses, like discounted prices and free accessories. When we ordered the Layla Memory Foam mattress, we received two free pillows. Here is our first-hand impression:

Design: The Layla pillows have a low to medium height that’s suitable for most sleep styles. The pillows offer some contouring without feeling too soft.

Shell: The pillow cover is soft and made of polyester. For added convenience, the cover is machine washable.

Filling: The zippered case contains a block of shredded foam and polyester filling. You can remove filling as needed to adjust the pillow’s height and make it more comfortable for your sleep style.

While we liked these pillows, Layla’s promotional offer scored lower on this list because of pricing concerns. The mattress costs $1,497 (converted from USD) for a queen size.

You’ll also need to pay a shipping fee of $250 USD if you’re shipping your order to a Canadian address. The Layla website doesn’t include currency anywhere, so it’s not clear that you paid in USD until the cost appears on your credit card.

8. Puffy

Puffy Pillows

“Heavy and cold. I like that they branded the covers.” —Nathan W.

Headquartered in the United States, Puffy sells the Puffy Mattress, Puffy Lux, and Puffy Royal mattresses to Canadian shoppers. Puffy regularly offers their mattresses at discounted prices, so it’s possible that the sales price is in fact the regular price. They also include two free Puffy pillows with your purchase. Here is our impression:

Design: The Puffy pillows’ low to medium height is suitable for most sleep styles. They offer some contouring without feeling overly soft. They have a heavier feel than the other pillows listed in this review.

Shell: These pillows are noticeably cool to the touch, which we found refreshing. The website’s chatbot also claimed they are “hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, and have a machine washable cover.”

However, the Puffy pillows we received didn’t have a law label. This means it’s unclear what the pillows are made of, or whether the cover is in fact machine washable. The website’s chat feature couldn’t provide any further details to support its claims.

It’s also important to note that Puffy only displays five-star reviews on its website. Even though the site has thousands of reviews, there could be many more with fewer stars. You’ll need to check third-party review websites like Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot to make sure you’ll have a good experience with your Puffy purchase.

9. Hamuq

Hamuq Mattress Protector

“I think it’ll do its job.” —Myrna K.

Ontario-based mattress company Hamuq provides a free gift with your mattress purchase. This gift could be any one of the accessories available on their website. We received a mattress protector with our purchase of a Hamuq mattress. Here is our first impression:

Design: Similar to a fitted sheet, the Hamuq mattress protector has a soft elastic to help secure it around your mattress. This elastic didn’t feel as strong as the elastics on the other mattress protectors on this list.

Fabric: The mattress protector is made of a cotton and polyester blend to provide some breathability. The top panel is made from terry cloth, which is good for absorbing liquid. However, it didn’t feel as soft as the mattress protector in Douglas Comfort Sleep Bundle or Endy Bundle.

The protector’s tag says it’s “treated with Silver Clear,” while Hamuq’s website says the mattress protector uses a “powerful Silver Tech™ self-cleaning infusion.” However, there isn’t any detail to explain how this technology works. We also noted that the mattress protector makes a fair amount of noise when handled, due to the material used in the underside. This noise wasn’t present in products from other brands.

A free gift with your mattress purchase is a nice touch, especially when it’s something useful like a mattress protector. But since Hamuq rotates its promotions, you may have to wait to receive a free mattress protector until the company offers that deal again. You also have the option to pay full price for the mattress protector sold through the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a good deal on a mattress?

You’ll find the best mattress deals if you do your research. While there’s no guarantee that haggling at a local mattress store or requesting a discount on a retailer’s website will lead to savings, here are some tactics you might find helpful:

  • Be familiar with each brand’s pricing trends and models. For example, Emma has faced criticism for their constant “sales” and misleading pricing. GhostBed is also known to increase their usual prices for sales (see August 2023 vs December 2023).
  • Ask about special deals. Talk to the brand’s customer service team to see what promotions are available. You should also make sure you understand any restrictions that might affect the value of the mattress deal.
  • Get more value with your purchase by shopping for bundles. A mattress discount might look good, but you’ll still need to spend money on new pillows and bedding. Try to get more items for the lowest price possible—without sacrificing quality.
Who has the best deals on mattresses?

Douglas offers the best mattress deal in Canada, with year-round pricing starting at just $599. It also comes with a free Comfort Sleep Bundle filled with bedding essentials like a mattress protector, pillow(s), sheets, and pillow protector(s). The company also regularly provides discounts on its popular accessories with your mattress purchase, such as the Douglas Adjustable Bed, our top pick for the best adjustable bed in Canada.

This excellent value is just one reason why Douglas is also our top pick for the best mattress in Canada.

When are the best deals on mattresses?

Many mattress brands advertise their biggest deals during Black Friday and Boxing Day. Some mattress brands also release their newer models in late winter and early spring, which means older models could be on sale at this time.

Why should I have a mattress protector?

A mattress protector safeguards your mattress from liquids, dirt, dust, and allergens. Liquids and stains can break down the materials in your mattress over time, so using a mattress protector will keep your mattress clean and extend its life. Some retailers will require you to use a mattress protector during your sleep trial or as part of the conditions of your mattress warranty.

READ MORE: How long should a mattress last?

What kind of pillow should I use?

The type of pillow you use will come down to your sleep style and budget. Pillows fall into many different categories. Each has different characteristics that are a good fit for a variety of sleep styles. Here are just a few types of pillows:

  • Polyester Pillow: Made with polyester fill and shell, polyester pillows are a popular budget-friendly choice. However, since they are made with a cheaper material, they tend to absorb heat and aren’t as durable as other pillow options.
  • Foam Pillow: Foam pillows feature a solid block of either memory or polyurethane foam. The block of foam provides contouring, which makes it a good fit for a variety of sleep styles. Depending on the density and type of foam that’s used, the pillow could retain heat and can range in price.
  • Shredded Foam Pillow: Shredded foam pillows are an alternative to foam pillows that can provide a more customized sleeping experience since the foam filling can be removed or added. They can feature memory foam, polyurethane foam, or a blend of foam and polyester filling.
  • Down Alternative Pillow: Down alternative pillows are made with synthetic alternatives like polyester, mimicking the feeling of down. Since most down alternatives are made with polyester, they’re much more affordable than other pillow options.
  • Down Pillow: The filling of down pillows is made from the soft, fluffy feathers found closest to a duck or goose’s body. To ensure the down is genuine and has been ethically sourced, make sure the down pillow is certified Responsible Down Standard (RDS) and DOWNMARK® certified. While down pillows are usually soft, light, and durable, they are more expensive than other pillow options and can be difficult to clean.
  • Gel Pillow: Gel pillows are made with a combination of gel and another material, usually foam or latex. The gel is typically firm to help promote cooling, while the foam or latex is softer for comfort. Gel pillows are a great option for hot sleepers, but can be expensive.
What kind of sheets do I need?

The type of sheets you use will come down to your personal preference and budget. There are many different kinds of sheets, including:

  • Polyester Sheets: Polyester is a synthetic fibre that’s regularly used in bedding because of its durability and affordability. However, polyester sheets aren’t as breathable and can trap more heat compared to other types of sheets. Low-quality polyester sheets are also prone to pilling.
  • Cotton Sheets: Cotton is a popular bedding choice woven from plant fibres. It is available in many types and weaves, including Pima cotton, Egyptian cotton, and sateen-weave cotton sheets, which offer different softness and durability at different price points.
  • Bamboo Sheets: Made from bamboo plant fibres, bamboo bedding is known for its comfort, durability, and sustainability. Bamboo sheets feel soft and cool to the touch. They can dissipate heat and are a good choice for sleepers with sensitive skin, but they aren’t as breathable as Lyocell or Linen sheets.
  • Lyocell Sheets: More commonly known as Tencel, lyocell is a plant-based, semi-synthetic fibre produced through a sustainable manufacturing process. While it’s more expensive than other sheet types, it offers great cooling, is hypoallergenic, and is usually wrinkle-resistant.
  • Linen Sheets: Linen sheets are made with fabric that’s woven from flax. Prices vary depending on whether the sheets are stone-washed, which uses thousands of tons of water and rocks to ensure consistent colour throughout the lifetime of your sheets. While linen sheets are breathable and lightweight, they wrinkle more easily than other sheets. They also can feel stiffer or rough on the skin, but will soften after a few washes.

Want to learn more about sheets? Compare bamboo vs cotton sheets, or cotton vs lyocell sheets.


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